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08 edge spark plug replacement

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I'm looking to print out instructions on how to change spark plugs.  I have searched forums and found some old posts talking about doing it but links do'nt work when you click on it.

I have watched the videos online but would be nice to have a reference under the hood while I'm doing this.





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Also now gathering parts to replace plugs & other items on a 2008 EdgeAWDSEL V6~3.5L~DOHC.

Putting in new AutoLite xp5364 Iridium Plugs.  While there, will also:

~ Clean+OhmCheck Coils

~ Replace PCVValve

~ Replace All 4 OxygenSensors

~ Replace 5of6 Coolant Hoses+Clamps

~ Replace Coolant ThermoStat

~ Replace IntakeManifold Gaskets\ORings, Clean ThrottleBody+IntakeManifold

~ Drain+Flush+Replace Coolant

~ Replace Both Belts


Some vids on replacing the plugs:





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2021Sep10 Update on

above 2008 Edge Maintenance Items, now complete; new parts used:

~ 6Each Iridium SparkPlugs AutoLite#xp5364, gapped at 0i051; old plugs looked worn down but wOut contamination

~ 1Each PCVValve, StandardMotorProducts#v397 with New 0i625 ElbowHose~Intake, used CoolantRated not VacRated Elbow with SpringsClamps

~ 1Set IntakeManifold Gaskets\ORings, FelPro#ms97120

~ 2Each OxygenSensors11+21 UpStream, Bosch#15755

~ 2Each OxygeanSensors12+22 DnStream, Bosch#15724; Sensor12 is tough access between ExhaustManifold+BodyFrame

~ 1Each 0i750*3ft Red HeaterInletHose with new double WormClamps, reversed HeaterCore connections\flow

~ 1Each 0i750*3ft Blu HeaterOutletHose with new double WormClamps, reversed HeaterCore connections\flow

~ 1Each 1i000*2ft Blk OverflowOutletHose~Radiator with new double WormClamps

~ 2Each 1i500*3ft StainlessFlexRadiatorInlet+OutletHoses with Couplings made from old RubberHoses & new double WormClamps

~ Reused 0i375*3ft Blk OverflowInletHose with Internal1WayValve & new double WormClamps

~ 1Each Replaced 180f with 170f ThermoStat SuperAuto#143-0793x\Stant#14077, 0m056 Seat ground to 0m054; for slight earlier\cooler radiator flow

~ 1Each Steering Belt, 36i90=0m937Lgth, Continental\GoodYear#4040369s\4pk0937s

~ 1Each Alte+ACon Belt,  44i49=1m130Lgth, ContinentalGoodYear#4060445\6pk1130

~ Removed+Cleaned+Lubed RadiatorFanAssembly, removed blades+motors from frame, blew dust from coils, lubed bearings

~ Removed+Flushed+Cleaned Radiator

~ Removed+Flushed+Cleaned TrannyCooler; Added 2 new 8" Fans with AdjustabledTempSwitch, IgnitionSwitched 20a Fuse

~ Drained+Refilled Tranny ATF with Valvoline#MerconV

~ Suctioned+Refilled  SteeringReservoir with Valvoline#MerconV

~ Suctioned+Refiled BrakeRservoir with WarrenSuperTech#DOT4

~ Drained+Flushed+Refilled Coolant with 50/50 LiteGreenYellow Peak#pkpb53\10x

~ Drained+Refilled Engine Oil+Filter with WarrenSuperTech#0w20.FullSyn + K&N#hp2009

~ Drained+Refilled FrontAxle PTU with AmsOil#75w140.FullSyn

~ Suctioned+Refilled RearAxle DIF with AmsOil#75w90.FullSyn

~ Inspected UnderBody+Suspension, WireBrushed+Painted a few RustSpots, Cleaned & SiliconeLubed  Bushings+Hardware

~ Rotated Tires & checked wear on BrakePads

~ Touched up a few paint scratches & plastic front bumper\cover road rash

~ Added Adjustable WideAngle FishEyes to both OuterMirrors

All seems ready for a fall road trip!



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2021Sep29 Update on

above 2008 Edge Maintenance Items,

after multistate NY~PA~OH~MI~WI~MN~SD~NE~CO road trip:

~ Mileage peaked at 21.9mpg, typically 21.6mpg running Regular 85~87octane, better at lower altitudes

~ Engine Temp peaked at 205f, typically 195~201f at highway speed, higher while accelerating\climbing

~ Transmission Temp peaked at 208f, typically 190~199f at highway speed, lower while idling\parked

Ran well with good power. 0~65mph freeway ramp acceleration, & 65~90mph passing acceleration, but

~ would like Engine & Transmission temps 5~10f lower; considering new Radiator & TransCooler.

~ will need new tires soon.



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lotta work!  current mileage on your Edge?


how do the fans respond while idling with vs without a/c on?


what were the ambient temps when these powertrain temps were recorded? what were the readings prior to this work?


the thermostat change won't affect anything longterm without a tune change to make the fans come on earlier and stay on longer (for less on/off cycles and increased durability).


doesn't seem like the new fans are helping much, but could be.



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2008 EdgeAWDSEL V6~3.4L~DOHC

Roughly 147k Miles before above maintenance items & road trip;

just rolled 150k Miles.


Radiator fans now respond as they had before;

~ normally OFF when idling with AirCon OFF.

~ normally LoSpeed when idling with AirCon ON.

The 2 new 8inch TransmissionCooler fans (front mounted pushers) operate independent of RadiatorFans (rear mounted suction),

on their own 20aRated Adjustable TempSwtch set to come on at roughly 195f via a TempBulb strapped to the hot side tubing.

This Switch has a 5~6f deadband.


Highest ambient temp seen during trip was ~90f in Nebraska; typically has been 70~80f.

So this trip has not been a test in >95f summer heat.


Prior to above maintenance items

both Engine & Transmission temps typically ran 6~8f hotter.

So I feel I've done some good, but would like another 5-10f cooler if possible.


Is it possible using ForScan, to adjust the Radiator Fans to go HiSpeed earlier & stay on longer?



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thanks for the update :)


forscan does not do any kind of tuning for the powertrain.  you have to use a tuner such as Bullydog or SCT X4 etc. high price of entry for just adjusting the fans.


considering normal operating temperature for transmission fluid starts at per the owners manual:


Correct fluid level
The transmission fluid should be checked at normal operating
temperature 149°F (65°C) on a level surface. The normal operating
temperature can be reached after approximately 20 miles (30 km) of

2007 Edge


i think you could opt to have the aux trans fans come on much sooner, say at 175F or 180F, and test out how that affects temps.  the rad fans may not be doing an adequate job, as they are responsible for cooling both coolant and transmission fluid. i assume you cleaned the condenser at the same time as the radiator/trans cooler. if you can borrow a thermal imaging camera, you can image the radiator for hot spots.


Assuming there is no buildup inside the cooling system or water pump damage causing higher temps, you can consider adding a product line Redline Water Wetter or Royal Purple's Purple Ice to get temps  down in the range you want.


btw, did you use severe gear amsoil or regular amsoil for the AWD fluid fills? severe gear works really really well. or redline LWSP for both "diffs".



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Ok yes , ATF level is good, checked it daily during the trip.

Will try setting new TempSwitch down another 10~15f & see what effect that has on Transmisson operating temp.

Using AmsOil SevereGear 75w140 & 75w90 front axle PTU & rear axle DIF respectively.

Now servicing PTU every 6months along with Engine Oil+Filter;

rear DIF is getting only 33kMile GearOil changes as that used oil comes out appearing new.


PS: yes when I had the Radiator & TransmissionCoolers out,

I did wash AC Condensor, picked out the road kill & strainghtened any bent fins.

Getting the Condensor coil seperated from the radiator was a job,

they were not designed to be installed\removed  seperately.

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i was surprised as well when my shop said they did not have to remove the radiator to service the condenser.  they did remove the fan assembly and lean the radiator forward, then r&r'd the condenser.  magic i tell ya. lol

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