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How do I align front bumper? 2014 Ford Edge

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I attempted to align my bumper today, but it reverts back to how it looks on the picture.


I removed the 3 inner fender bolts, and was able to pull on the fender to expose all three retaining clips and tabs.  They are all in tact, but when I try to align it… once it snaps in it will sag as pictured.  I tried loosening the bolt and the torx bolt to adjust the retaining bracket, but it didn’t move enough to correct this misalignment.


Any tips of ideas?


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My sons does the same thing.  Hopefully someone has some tips. 

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I hope this helps. 

1. Loosen all the mounting hardware.

2. Use some shims on the inside front of the bumper between frame and bumper.

You want to push the bottom space out, which will push the top space in towards the fender.

Where you place the shims is optional.

3 Then tighten all the mounting hardware. 

Tedious but rewarding results.


Best Wishes!

What you use for shims is up to you. I used so hard rubber trimmed to size.

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