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Throttle Body swap

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I have a 07 Edge SEl. Trying to chase down the cause of hard start, rough idle, and no power, so I've changed the plugs, coils, injectors, purge valve, even the throttle position sensor. Nothing seems to help, and I don't have access to a code reader (at this time), so I want to swap out the throttle body. There are no Edges, MKX's, or even a Mazda around here, so what other TB's will work? Say, one from a  Explorer with a 4.0? Taurus? 

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there are at least 2 well known issues with this MY:  the round robin of plugs coils PCM failure, and the failure of the timing system/water pump.  this is why reading codes is SO important.  you need to have an idea what the computer thinks may be wrong with your edge.


maybe the pcm is fried, or maybe the timing chains/tensioners are loose.  have to check codes first.  get an obd II adapter from amazon (such as the veepeak or icar series) and software such as Forscan Lite for your smart device to not only read codes but live data as well.

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