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TT Steve

PSA on GFB DV+ T9358 with 2019+ Edge ST

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This is a PSA for the 2019+ Edge ST. 


If you are looking to use the GFB DV+ bypass valve, you more than likely will not be able to use any of the current valves such as T9358 for your Edge. Come to find out, these were changed by Ford where you cannot disassemble them to utilize the GFB DV+ components like you would with the older Sports. From what it sounds like though, you may be able to retrofit an older one to the new Edge as the dimensions are the same, etc. I just do not know the difference in the electronics if that matters. 


The 2 first pics from my 2019  ST and the last photo from a 2018 Edge Sport. I guess they call the old valves Pierburg and the new valve Continental. 






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