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FORScan Dashboard

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I want to use FORScan for logging until I get HPTuners. I'm able to find TPS, Oil temp/pressure, VSS, Boost, etc but I can't seem to find a few that I'd like to see. There are a lot of values for Air temp but does anyone know the correct ones for intake before intercooler and intake after intercooler (manifold intake temp?). I also can't find what I would expect to see for AFR/O2. I know the O2 sensor is wideband so I'd expect to be able to see AFR but I can't find the correct field. Any tips? Are there any other values that you like to use in the dashboard? 


Also, speaking of TPS, should it range from 0-100%? I think it's like 15% with the car off and no pressure on the pedal. And it only goes to ~85% when I floor it. 

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