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The engine is Duratorq 2.0L. ForScan displays two PIDs per DPF. DPF_LOAD and DPF_SOOT_LD. The Internet says about them that DPF_LOAD is based on the actual measured differential pressure and DPF_SOOT is calculated using a preset algorithm. I think these numbers could be similar or at least the same size. My own is that DPF_LOAD is 12% - ~ 110% and DPF_SOOT_LD is 1% - 8%. I drove a "test car" and it has both readings similar.

Can anyone comment on what could be the difference in the readings?

Could someone look at your car numbers and confirm that this is the case?

DPF gets full very soon as a result.

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We don’t get Diesel engines in North America so it may be difficult to find help on this one.

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