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Brand new car and wiper is making noises and skipping

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Hey fellow Forum members. Hope everyone is alright.

I live in Panama.

My ford edge is a 2021 titanium model, i just picked up from the local dealer on 29th december.

I didn't notice until I got the car that the wiper config is the opposed wiper system. Which sucks by the way, because at least on the Edge, I need to pull it out slightly to be able to lift it without hitting the hood.

So yesterday night when driving back home, I noticed the left wiper (driver's side), shows a slight judder only in one part of the windscreen, skipping and squeaking noise.

My car has only been driven for a 1000 miles! It's brand new. 

I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol/wd-40 and also cleaned the windscreen with auto glass cleaner. Still, the noise persists. 

I have recorded a video, Can someone guide me on this?


From inside: 


From outside:


Thanks friends.


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Did you try a new set of wipers? Take the car to the dealer?

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I am going to take it to the dealer this week. Didn't try a new set of wipers. I was just surprised and disappointed because the car only has about 1500 miles. I didn't expect any issues so early, but yeah, the should change it in warranty. However, I'm not sure if this is an issue with the wiper blades or not. Because it didn't make that noise upto this week. I picked up the car now that it is summer time here in Panama, so I barely use the wipers. But even when I've used them just to clear up the windscreen, they didn't make that noise until now.

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It may be related to your pulling it out and not getting it to sit squarely on the glass. A wiper needs to sit at a 90 deg angle to wipe properly. 


When you find out what the problem was, be sure to update us.

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