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Phone Mount Option for those with a dash top compartment

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I really hate that android auto strips Waze of the useful features that make it unique.
So I found a phone mount that requires no modification, and zero installation.

When not using it it slides off and is put in that top compartment.

It's magnetic attachment, but changing the phone attachment to a gripper is easy.

It's inexpensive, I paid less than $12 for it.
Seems Solid and sturdy.





It is intended for the vent clip but I turned it over so that the opening of the vent clamp was at the bottom, you will need to extend the C Hook out quite a way with the locking knob.

Then I just slip the C hook underneath the top dash panel where it goes into the compartment, close the lid and it will stay there, nice and secure (YMMV).




Your Phone, depending on the size, might block your view of the upper left corner of the center screen

The home button and the drivers side set temperature are obscured for me, but I can still press the home button.

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Perfect! I had been using a vent mount but it never really worked due to the vertical slats.


Replaced the magnetic mount with my Q-wireless mount (route USB cable next to infotainment screen).

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