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Todd Army

Service Advance Trac light

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I have a 2013 Ford Edge.  My Service Advance Trac light comes on as well as the traction control light that says off and the car sliding light comes on too.  Then the light to indicate what gear you are in ( P, R, N, D, S) all go off.  If you shift the vehicle, a big thud happens and sounds like the transmission is falling out of the vehicle.  If you shift it from Park to Drive or Reverse a few times, it will finally go.  Took it to Ford and they did a system update.  Happened again a week later.  Sometimes it happens everyday and sometimes it might go 2 to 3 weeks before it happens again.  Today it happened right when I started the vehicle.  Haven't even moved.  Most of the time it happens when you put it into park.  Also did it when I drove to the end of the street.  Haven't heard anyone say anything about the thud when shifting from the transmission with these lights on.  Getting frustrated with it.  Also, I just had the works performed on it at Ford.  All fluids checked and oil changed.   Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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This happened in my 2011 Limited on two occasions. Once when I broke the rear wheel sensor as I changed out the wheel bearing. I had to wait 3 days for a new one but after putting it in, it took a few minutes for the lights to go out. But the car did drive fine for the 3 days.


The other occasion was when I pulled the ABS fuse and turned off traction control using the left hand system menu.  I had pulled the wheels and had the car on jack stands so I could troubleshoot a wheel noise and there was some pretty loud thunk/banging noises until I pulled the fuse and turned off traction control. These lights came on. I put the fuse in after putting th wheels back on and turned on Traction control and started the car. Lights went out.


So it's possible you have a bad wheel sensor (or a tone ring broke and fell off the axle, or maybe the traction control setting in the systems menu got turned off somehow. I think Forscan will show any codes if you have it. With any luck, it's just a bad/loose/corroded fuse in the fusebox under the hood. It seems intermittent enough . 


Hope this helps you track down the problem.


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