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Aaron M

2013 Ford Edge Sony System Sucks…

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Hello, I have a Ford Edge with the Sony system and I personally think it sucks. I am no audiophile but I love going into cars with a nice loud and great sounding systems. And Frankly the Sony system just isn’t it… It gets quieter when there is bass and it sounds like it cant handle the music I listen to (mainly rap). Just wondering what is the best way of getting rid of this. I feel like the speakers are fine. They are just underpowered or governed by the amp or something. Someone please help

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This is widely discussed over in the F150 forum. Most have the exact same opinion. The basic consensus is to replace the speakers with better and add a powered sub. Here's one fellas post (2013) on what he did to correct the sound:


"This is the answer to making it much louder. I went with the best Pioneer speakers and it made a world of difference. For more bass, I added a 6" powered bazooka tube. My system is now very good as compared to stock and I don't think it cost more than $250!"


Why not drop by a local audio shop and see what they recommend?

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