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TPMS - life expectancy - make and model ?

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2017 Sport.


In about two to three months I'll be installing new tires for the second time in my ownership and was wondering what life folks have been getting from their TPM Sensors, so that I can decide on installing new ones now at just over five years, or take a chance until the next tire change which would have the original sensors at 7.5 yo.


TPMS typically last 7 to 10 years.


Also, what make and model sensors are installed in my 2017 Sport?



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Originally I had a sensor going bad at around the ten year mark. It would stop working. Drove on and it would start up again. At first it only popped up once in awhile, every couple of months. Then became more frequent and took longer to come back. Finally what took 20 minutes or so, took days.


At my last tire change, I had new sensors installed. I decided to go Motorcraft. Dealer always uses an aftermarket brand, Chinese, said they have problems in about 1 in 4 with them. Motorcraft are expensive compared to the Chineese junk, but at least no problems in the future. 


Had a wheel replaced last year, and they reused to Motorcraft sensor but didn't have a new Motorcraft strap in stock. So they used a NAPA strap. That pos broke after a few days and they located a Motorcraft strap at another dealer in an ajoining state. No problems since. 

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