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Stalling out in park/nuetral. Idles fine in gear. Help?

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2010 edge w/ 154k miles.


Got codes P2110 and P0302. Had a misfire in cylinder 2 replaced all the plugs and the coil pack in cyl 2. Replaced the throttle body and that cleared the P2110.


Now my car will idle in park fine when cold only. I can start my car just fine when its cold and she drives like new going down the road. When I stop at a red light she idles fine (warm and cold). But whenever I put her in park when warm she stalls out immediately. Note that this happens 80-90% of the time. The other  times rpms drop to 400 then surge back to 600 or 700 approx before eventually stalling. Earlier today I wen tot napa and replaced the MAF sensor (on a warm engine) and she still stalled out immediately after ignition. I tried twice and same thing. So I returned the sensor and put the old one back in. Should I have waited and driven around some? Currently dont have a single code either. 


I'm stumped on this one. She drives fine and idles fine in gear. But stalls when in park/neutral and engine is warmed up. I'm thinking maybe a vacuum leak? maybe? I need help and input please! thanks yall!

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3 hours ago, 1004ron said:

I did. However at the time I hadn’t replaced the coil pack yet so it was still misfiring. I thought it was from the throttle body still learning 

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