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Hello, I saw another forum post about this topic but unfortunately it has not been active for multiple years.


I have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL and unfortunately have been plagued with the black display screen. From what I have read it sounds like I have (like everyone else) a bad APIM. I was wondering if anyone had any idea on suggestions for an economical replacement or repair for this issue. I am also interested in purchasing or trading if anyone has a replacement that is on this forum (please let me know if not allowed and will edit post). Also if anyone can provide links or model numbers for a direct replacement. Thank you for all of your help in advance!


2011 Ford Edge SEL

Vin: 2FMDK4JC8BBA94640

8 inch screen with Navigation 

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Find a module from a 2011-2014 Edge or 2011 to 2016 Explorer as I know they had Sync 2.  Your SEL has nav so you need one with NAV otherwise you'll have to patch it with the navpatch to get the license on it.  Try a junk yard otherwise your into a few hundred bucks at least.  You will need to program it if the replacement has different options than your car.  If you can find something from a 2011-2014 Edge SEL you may not need any tweaking at all.

My replacement came from a Lincolnn MKX so I had to reprogram to get rid of the heated/cool seats, steering wheel etc.


If you look on car-part.com its listed under TV Screen or GPS Screen.  If you DM me your zipcode I can help you find a replacement.

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