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Tailgate Lock Issue. Can anyone help?

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can someone help me identifying a problem in my ford edge?
i own a Ford Edge 2017 with Manual Tailgate Open and Close (not automatic)
Today i tried to open the tailgate by pressing the lock button on the tailgate it didn't open. i started to panic and didn't know what to do.
i went home and tried it opened once then i closed and tried to open it didn't respond at all so i left the car and started to google and i saw that this tailgate hatch might be need replacement but it gets wired
i tried to do one thing, i turn on engine put the car in S then in P then i went back to open the tailgate it open once and then doesn't open again. i went pack done the same put it in S or D and then P then went back it again opened once only
so now i am so confused. is there an issue with the Tailgate Hatch Lock ? or is there some sore of electronic malfunction on car like a wire or fuse ?
can anyone help???

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1 year 5 month


i don't think it is battery maybe other thing as it would stop something else or be shown in other place


also i tried to reset the system by disconnecting the battary cable for sometime but still same issue

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Still would hurt to get the CCA rating checked (not just voltage as weak battery may show 12.4 volts after charge but can't hold charge). 


Does the latch click when you try to open?


Strange that the shifter seems to affect whether it opens or not. Next time it doesn't open, try wiggling the shift lever (not actual shifting).


There is a way to unlock & open the liftgate manually. 


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This video shows a simular problem (latch intermittent). 

In his followup he reported he changed the latch for $151. 

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