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Rear sub frame bushings

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One of the local repair shops informed me that my rear subframe bushings need to be replaced. After searching online and speaking to a couple of Ford parts people, I cannot seem to find any definitive answer on swapping just the bushings and am really hoping someone has some experience with this. The idea of replacing the rear sub frame completely makes my skin crawl. 

2017 Sport, 94,000km. 


I'm sure they are in between 5084/5077 and the crossmember itself, where the HB1 bolt goes through.


Parts breakdown.pdf

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No experience, just information.


I pulled a VIN-specific Historical Vehicle Bill of Materials (HVBoM) report on your Edge, which shows the components associated with the originally-installed Rear Subframe Assembly.


The HVBoM report listed parts shown in the illustration you posted, and it also shows Bushing part numbers...


Original Part            Service Part           Quantity                  Part

    Number                    Number              Required            Description

E1GC5872AA           E1GZ5872A                 2                     BUSHING

F2GC5873AB           F2GZ5872A                 2                     BUSHING


In the HVBoM report, when an assembly component is not individually available for purchase, it will carry a 'PIA' designation, meaning it is 'provided in the assembly' only. 


In the case of the listing for Rear Subframe Assembly bushings, no PIA was shown.


I searched the above bushing part numbers on Ford's FordParts.com site and came up with nothing for Edge, though the base part number 5872 does resolve to parts described as bushings for other models.


If your Parts Counter contact didn't have these part numbers, see if they are helpful at the dealership.


The 2017 Edge Workshop Manual includes the following images showing the Rear Subframe front & rear mounts where you believe the bushings reside...







If the bushings are unavailable except in a new Rear Subframe, it would probably be a long shot, perhaps you could do a search of Salvage Yards for a low-miles wreck from which to scavenge the bushings -- if that's possible. 


And finally, I don't expect your skin will crawl any less, after you review the Workshop Manual procedures involved in Rear Subframe removal and installation, included below as a PDF download link...


Rear Subframe - AWD - Removal and Installation - 2017 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf


Good luck!


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who is telling you to replace these bushings and why?  do you have an invoice or estimate to that effect?


afaik, subframe bushings have never had to be replaced on any MY of Edge. and as Haz mentioned, if you really did, you would need the entire subframe OR source alternative parts with help from parts houses.


no one has even developed aftermarket sub bushings, tho that is hardly a surprise given how eclectic an effort that would be.

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Yea, I wondered about that too. The subframe isn't a part that moves in relation to tge rest of the car. It's not subject to excessive heat or vibration. 


Time for a 2nd opinion. 

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