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Ford part numbers and equivalents for Motorcraft Oxygen O2 sensors?

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I have a 2009 Edge with a P0430 code (front bank catalyst efficiency). I want to start by changing the downstream oxygen sensor, which is very easily accessible. I want to use Ford parts or as close to their performance as possible.


What are the Ford part numbers for upstream and downstream oxygen sensors?


What company makes the Ford-branded O2 sensors? Bosch?


I wouldn't buy a Brand X sensor, but I can get an NGK 22500 with connector for $32. 


Edited to add: I looked at the voltage outputs from all 4 sensors, and they are working great. It's the front catalyst that's not doing anything. :(



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check out rockauto.com or any online ford dealer such as fordpartsgiant.com

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May be better to take to car to a professional mechanic rather than fire a parts cannon at it. While a O2 sensor can cause this code, so can a faulty catalytic converter, engine misfire, leaking fuel injector, exhaust leak & an O2 sensor that has improper readings (not just voltage output but correct analog readings). 

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