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Dr. Evil

Fill Up Issues and Trip Display Needs Tweak

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First, My 2020 Edge has a fill-up issue.  Unlike my previous 2013 Edge, this 2020 is very touchy when filling up the tank. If you don't hold the nozzle "just so" it will continually click off. If you find the sweet spot it will fill up before clicking off, but when it clicks off there is still 2-3 gallons that can be added. In order to get close to an actual full tank you have to carefully "Spoon feed" it as slow as the pump will go and you can get another couple of gallons in the tank. My 2013 would click off very close to actual full and then I would just hit it again with full pump flow and the second click off was pretty full. Gas mileage calculations were very consistent as well because it would always click off at the same full level.  The 2020 is a pain to fill up and always exceeds the amount of fuel I've burned based on dividing the displayed MPG into the miles driven.  The car is under warranty and this fill-up issue doesn't seem right. Any suggestions??


Second, on my 2020 the trip odometer shows the miles I've driven since reset which I do at every fill up, the MPG, and the elapsed time since the last reset which I find to be useless.  My 2013 had all of those plus it showed the gallons used, which I find to be very useful and that tells me how many gallons to expect to pump to get it to actual full again.  Is there a way to tweak the software to add the gallons used to my 2020?  If you can't add a 4th line (like my 2013 has) I could certainly replace the elapsed time line with gallons used, which is much more useful to me.


Here's pictures of the trip display for my 2013 and 2020 - note the "gallons" line on the 2013, indicating the amount of fuel used since the last reset -


2013 Trip Display --





2020 Trip Display --




Thanks for your help!


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My car is also way off. I thought I only had a 16 gallon tank until I looked it up. I dont think I'm having only filling partially I just think the needle is wrong.


Btw, can I saw how sad it makes me that the 2022 Edge (same as our 2020s) dash cluster is basically the same as the 2013s... :(

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