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2016 Edge - A/C water Drain location?

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Does the Gen2 Edge have an A/C water Drain location? I don't see water dripping even though it is quite humid nowadays. Also couldn't find a drain pipe looking under the vehicle.

I want to check for blockage as I am getting a slight mildew smell sometimes when the A/C starts blowing, however all the carpet inside is dry. My other car, the MKS, drips large puddles of water, as does most vehicles I see on the road.

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Surprisingly, it appears from the 2016 Edge/2016 MKX Workshop Manuals and also from Ford's FordParts website, that no drain tube is installed.


Component descriptions and removal & installation procedures (attached as PDF download links below) from the Workshop Manual contain no mention or illustration of a drain tube...


Climate Control System - Dual Automatic Temperature Control (DATC) - System Operation and Component Description - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf

Heater Core and Evaporator Core Housing - Removal and Installation - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf

Evaporator - Removal and Installation - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf

Evaporator Inlet and Outlet Manifold - 2.7L EcoBoost (238kW-324PS) - Removal and Installation - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf

Heater Core - Removal and Installation - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf


Additionally, the illustration of the Heater Core and Evaporator Core Housing (19B555) and associated parts on the FordParts website shows no drain tube...




In contrast to these 2016 Edge/MKX resources, the GEN1+ 2014 Edge Workshop Manual includes a Climate Control Housing illustration which calls out and includes its drain tube part number...




Also, Workshop Manual removal and installation procedures detail the removal of the drain tube prior to removal of the larger housing component.


Additionally, the FordParts website includes an image of the built-up housing assembly clearly showing the drain tube (red arrow) described above...




Searching FordParts with 2016 Edge as the target vehicle for the 19728 Drain Tube yields 'This part does not match your vehicle', while designating the part number fits 2007-2014 Edge and 2007-2015 MKX.


Good luck!


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Thanks @Haz for your usual detailed reply. Reading you reply had me wondering what the evaporator assembly housing looks like (P/N: K2GZ-19B555-BG), so I found a few on sale on eBay (example 1, example 2) and it sure seems there is a drain location built into the assembly housing, just apparently it would drain directly without going through a "drain pipe or hose", hence the no-part available for it. Also from the pictures it seems to be located below the heater inlet/outlet pipes. Have attached photos with arrows pointing to where I think it is. Will try to search again in below the heater pipes. My doubt is that the water drips on to the exhaust/catalyst heat shield, then is absorbed in to it and evaporates before dripping.


The P/N of the housing is the same for 2015-2021 Edge and 2016-2020 MKX/Nautilus. Can anyone confirm if their Edge/MKX/Nautilus from those years drips water from the A/C?




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I have seen water on the ground only once. Other wise I do not, and I check often because I have thought about the same thing. One thing I try to do if I'm parking the car for the day is to run the fan on high with a/c off for a few minutes before shutting the engine off. Sometimes I think I smell something but not sure. Kind of a "musty" smell?

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