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2019 Edge Non-Serviceable LED Headlights Already Going Out

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Hello Everyone,


I don't think this is a common thing but just wanted to make a note of it in case it begins happening to folks over the next few years. I have a 2019 Edge Titanium Elite (302A) with the adaptive swiveling LED headlights.


Headlights are a tad confusing on the '19's since there are so many variations of them. From what I have seen there is the base LED equipped lights that SE's and SEL's could come with, the same base LED with the running light strip w/o turn signal strip that SEL's and Titanium's (300A and 301A) models came with, and finally there is the upgraded LED with running light strip and turn signal strip that 302A Titaniums and some highly equipped ST's came with. Anyone that has the 3rd model of headlight in their edge should also have headlight swiveling, but many '19's don't because Ford installed the wrong software at the factory. A dealer will kindly give you that feature that was on your build sheet back for around $250. 


I am not sure of any failure rates for these 3 styles of headlight, but mine are already dying after only a few short years. My left headlight has stopped swiveling and flickers on and off while driving. Normally people have said that Ford LED's will outlast the car, and while I expect that to mostly hold true, I thought making note of this could be a good idea. These lights are non-serviceable and require the whole 900+ dollar unit to be replaced if they go out. While LED's can be great, this non-serviceable trend becomes very evident when they fail. 


If anyone else has had this failure, feel free to comment below what it was like and which type of light you have, I am curious to see how all three types age. As for mine, the Ford ESP lighting upgrade is really going to come in handy :) . 

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