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Features on 2020 edge sel

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Hi all. Question here. I just traded in my 2016 edge sel for a 2020 edge sel. Ad stated remote start which I thought was pretty much standard on edge sel now. when I got the key fob to test drive it , I noticed it was a simple 3 button remote with lock unlock and panic. No remote start button. Salesman had no idea about it because I got it at a toyota dealership, and he wasn't familiar with ford stuff. I had to explain everything to him about the car. Anyhow , I can remote start the car from the ford pass app on my phone , so shouldn't there be a remote with button for remote start? I asked for the 2nd remote and it's like the first one. 3 button. Thought about trying to buy a 4 button remote with remote start and see if it'll program and start the car. What's your thoughts or experience? was the remote start that was advertised only starting from the phone app? thanks all794792309_keyfob.thumb.jpg.d280dc94c90002538f1f5e4a2df59a3b.jpg

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The 2020 Edge Order Guide shows FordPass phone app starting capability as standard on Edge SE, and your experience confirms that availability on your SEL also...




On SEL, the Intelligent Access key Remote Start is part of the optional Convenience Package...




2020 Ford Edge Order Guide.pdf (Download Link)


Several discussions here by Forum members detail their successful adding of IA key Remote Start, and they can no doubt offer guidance on possible hardware additions and Forscan programming.


Good luck!


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It is possible you have Remote Start (from the fob) as mentioned is an available option with a package on the SEL. That 3 button remote is not the standard one for the Edge, it should be a 4 button (add Liftgate to that 3 button one), or 5 button (also adding the remote start button).


If you have all the other items in the Convenience Package (120v power point or the 3 button garage door set on the drivers sun visor would be easiest to spot), then you would need a 5 button remote and add it if possible (be sure it is possible before you proceed, ask me how I know...). If it has 2 3 button remotes, I would guess the original 4 or 5 button remotes are still programmed in, and if it has 2 more, it won't be simple to add another remote.

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