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Did a little research last night on cross pipes while thinking about a resonator delete . I ran across three mufflers that have internal cross pipes and one with an H pipe. 

Starting in order of last choice to first choice . This is just my opinion and not based on anything else. I also do not have all the dimensions on any of them.  So not sure if they will fit in the space that the resonator was in. 


In third place is the Dynomax. Dynomax come in third place because it has one pipe that has straight flow through and the second pipe  looks like it is cut in half and is just butted up to the other pipe. All the exhaust gas from that pipe  has to pass through all those small holes as the straight pipe appears to be not cut on it's sides. Thus making  it not a true X pipe. If the sides are cutout making it a true X pipe then I would reconsider. 



In second pace is the Magnaflow TRU-X 

This looks like a good choice for a quieter muffler but,  it looks like it has two pipes in and out that connect to a mesh cone shaped screen and again is not a true cross pipe. 



In first place and my choice is the Pypes X=Box this design combines a true X pipe with a muffler that I believe would make a good resonator delete option though not as quiet as the Magnaflow Tru-X or the Dynomax






It is also offered as an H-Pipe





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I forgot to mention all of them are 2 1/2 inch in, and 2 1/2 inch out so an adaptor would be needed to hook up to the OEM 2 1/4 inch exhaust. But I am looking at going to  a 2.5 inch cat back res delete system anyway. 

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