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2022 Ford Edge ST Sub Bottoms out.

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So on my previous 2019 Ford Edge ST with the B&O sound system I never had this problem at all no matter the sound settings and no matter and the volume. But in my 2022 Ford Edge ST with B&O sound system that I just picked up even after changing sound settings just raising the volume to past half (15) will make the sub in the back bottom out and chatter and its only on the lower frequency sounds where you hear it otherwise it sounds like an “Upgraded” car sound system. 


I have brought this in and was told that there was nothing wrong and that everything was mounted, nothing was loose, there is no bulletin of this being a common problem,  and its just a side effect of turning the volume up on this audio system. I feel that’s BS personally.


I’m curious if there is any insight in what has changed between 2019 and 2022 for the B&O audio system and if anyone else has had this problem?

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I pulled Historical Vehicle Bill of Materials (HVBoM) reports, which list part numbers installed on the submitted VIN, for 2019 & 2022 B&O Edge STs listed for sale online.


Both STs had the same installed subwoofer part # KT4T19A067AB, and the same recommended service/replacement part # KT4Z18808B, shown on the HVBoMs.




Good luck!


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So I took it in this morning and was told “it’s a side effect of turning up the volume.” 

I couldn’t stay and deal with the service tech anymore to prove to them why it wasn’t just a side effect of turning up the volume because I had to go to work. So after work I drove to another dealer ship looked at a 2020 Edge ST and a 2022 Edge ST and played the same song in both at full volume no chatter/bottoming out from the sub at all. Then returned to the same dealership I was at this morning and looked at their 2019 Edge ST played the same song as I did in the last 2 at full volume and no chatter/bottoming out from the sub. 

The song that I played in all 3 Edge ST’s at full volume is one of every song that I listen to that makes the sub in my 2022 Edge ST chatter/bottom out at half volume plus. 

After doing all that I went into the service center of that dealership. The same dealership I was at this morning. I ended up talking with the same tech who tried to give me the run around on how nothing was wrong with my sub and that I just need to keep the volume down. Then I brought up that I checked out 3 other Edge ST’s that didn’t have the same problem that mine does. Then all of a sudden the tech doesn’t want to walk with me so I can prove it to them with the Edge ST that on the lot and starts talking about setting up another service date to look and see if they missed anything. 

So I’m setup to bring it in week and we will see what comes from that. Hopefully they actually take me seriously and do an actual thorough inspection and find what’s wrong.  

I’m thinking it’s either something with the amp or the subwoofer enclosure is cracked and allowing the sub to over extend allowing the voice coil to crash into the driver magnet. But I don’t know and they should find it at this upcoming appointment. 

I’ll keep this post updated for others in the future. 

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