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2nd Edge

cerakote headlight restore

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I bought a kit for removing the dreaded nasty headlight lense issue we all have had on various cars
this is my wifes 2012 edge
i have recently polished the plastic with plastic polish, and got allot of the crazing out of the lenses, but still was not happy, even tried alum wheel  polish to not avail. still left crazing in the lenses and weird light at night
i stumbled upon cerakote https://www.walmart.com/ip/CERAKOTE...e31PI-lA2T2IlzWKu14aAvDXEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

i had read some reviews and figured hey 13 bucks i will give it try
it took just over 2hrs to get all the shine off and scratches blended, but i am impressive .
just need to see how long it lasts. directions say its fixed forever??/ we shall see
prep is everything, i hand polished with the included 3000 and 4000wet sand paper for easily over hr to get the shine off. key is following the directions and cleaning and drying to see if all the shine is off and scrathces are gone, plus it has to be DRY DRY DRY before the ceramic coating is applied
yes the before pics look good, but the scratches are there are as the crazing
yes wear gloves because the stuff on the wipes is eye watering toxic

pics below are after i polished them with alum wheel polish and then washed them real good before the start of the restoration

headlight before polishing (1).jpg

headlight before polishing (2).jpg

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in between pics of process  this is after the deglossing wipe , and then the 3000 and 4000 grit wet sand

headlight (19).jpg

headlight (20).jpg

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Nice.  Let us know how long it lasts.  I can always get my daughter's old Civic lenses clean, but keeping them that way is the challenge.  I've used, PlastX, toothpaste, Ultimate Compound, etc.  All of them work to make them "clear". 

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