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this happened to my camera just today. I tried restarting the vehicle with no luck. Any idea where to start? I’m thinking checking the connections 🤷🏼‍♂️ 


this is a video of it in action


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Kind of looks like an APIM failure. First check to see if there are any codes stored. 


Then I'd try a camera reset. 

1. Disconnect the (+) terminal on your battery.
2. Turn the headlights on to drain the leftover energy in the cars electrical system.
3. Reconnect the battery.


If this doesn't work, try going to ford.com/support/#/categories

and check to see if there is an APIM update for your car. If there is, follow the instructions at the site to upgrade with the latest software. 


If these fail, may need to replace the APIM.

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