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Power driver's seat snap-crackle-pop

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I have a 2012 Limited with the memory power seats.  It's high mileage (147,000 mi or so).  I've been feeling the driver's seat shift on acceleration, harder braking, etc. for a while (seat mounting bolts are nice and tight).  I'm assuming that there's wear in the power mechanisms for the seat causing this.  More recently, there have been pops and snaps inside the seat while this his happening.  I suspect my fat ass is eventually just going to break it.


I suspect the answer is no, but is there a way to adjust to compensate for the wear?  If/when not, is there anything to replace that's not just the whole seat?  I might have to start trying to source a new seat.


Thanks for reading!


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It's entirely possible that a fastener has loosened allowing slack to occur in the mechanism. If so, the sooner you correct, the better the chance you avoid real damage (where very expensive parts need to be replaced). It would involve removing the seat (4 bolts, disconnect wiring connector) and examine the drive mechanism.


I would suspect a worn gear where the motor drives the seat.

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