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Should I replace my HID headlight bulbs ?

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I have a 2017 Edge with factory HID headlights.  I am at 5 years old, and 70,000 miles.  I read that these lamps do lose some brightness over time, and I have no way to measure that, so I am looking for others experiences or recommendations as to whether I should replace the bulbs at this point.


Opinions or observations?  Thanks.

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Up to you. Here's what one laboratory thinks about replacing everything three years:


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New research shows that xenon HIDs should be replaced every 3 years
25 Feb 2019

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New research shows that xenon HIDs should be replaced every 3 years says RING
Garages can help improve driver safety and boost profits this MOT season by advising drivers to replace their xenon HID headlamps if they are over three years old, research from Ring – the vehicle lighting specialists – suggests.

Ring’s findings show that while xenon HID headlamps may still illuminate and appear white, after three years the light output will have dropped significantly – potentially below legal limits. In tests done in its state-of-the-art, ISO:9001-accredited beam laboratories, Ring found that the overall lumens light output from four-year-old HID bulbs had dropped by around 17.5% compared to equivalent new xenon HID bulbs – taking them below the legal limits for light output for HID bulbs as set out in ECE Reg 99. The lux output at the brightest point of the beam had dropped by around 59.5% when comparing the old bulb with the equivalent new xenon HID.*


Note that this is a UK laboratory and shows the after 4 years HID bulbs fell below their ECE Reg 99 standard. (xenon bulbs were still above the 2750 minimum lumens standard however).


You would probably notice an improvement if you installed quality, new bulbs. But you have to balance this against the cost. If money is no object however ....


Don't forget to change your cabin air filter & fluids (PTU, brake, tranny, pwr steering & blinker fluids). 🌝

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