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Sunroof weather strip between fixed glass and sliding one

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Did anyone replaced the weatherstrip as diy job?

Without removing the rear fixed glass....


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If its leaking, first check for plugged drain tubes. Second, consider applying a verrrry thin bead of clear, silicone caulk around the perimeter. 


Think the part number for the seal is 7T4Z-7850036-A and costs $200 through Levittown Ford. I can't imagine any scenario where this seal can't be replaced without dropping the headliner and pulling both window glasses.

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Thank you for your reply.


the weather strip is cosmetic only. Even if removed, water will not leak…


I already bought the part, cost me 112$. 
the thing is, the weather strip attached with double sided glue to the fixed rear glass, and the gap is tight.


I went to glazier that told me he will have to remove the fixed glass to fix it. And it will be around 800$.


so if anyone done the repair by himself, without removing the fixed glass ( removing the sliding one takes 5 min ), would appreciate some tips and tricks 

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2284A51C-6C67-461E-8C17-3FEF52B6FA56.thumb.jpeg.b733c02d97c9f4bc98bb7ebb5b0605fa.jpegFC8443DF-2AB8-411A-82FD-D3C8847AD042.thumb.jpeg.ae53b0f28df5e3418ca99d1efd70e522.jpegOk, job is done.


Uninstalled the front sunroof glass. 
Removed the old weatherstrip

Cleaned the glass from underneath with short blade and wiped with alcohol .

I checked that the surface is cleaned and dried. 
Than, placed the new weather strip from underneath the glass and tightened it. 
To finish the job, cleaned the rails and used silicone grease generously


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