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Guys, I'm contemplating replacing the turn bulbs with LEDs but I don't want to install those resistors and turn electricity into heat. Is there a flasher relay that would support that? I find conflicting info online about a flasher relay or some sort of electronic flasher. Which one does a 2009 Edge Ltd have?

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Its embedded into the SJB. You can't change or modify it. 


What do you expect to gain with LEDs? Standard filament bulbs are bright enough and last forever. Think I've only changed one turn signal bulb since I owned my 09 MKX. Plus their much more expensive. 


BTW, you can buy turn signal LEDs with a resistor built in, if that's any consolation.  For example: 


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Apparently the link I posted only works with the mobile version  browser (still works for me, I'm using a cell phone).


Looks like I'll need to switch to the regular browser before copying a link. Good to know.

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ATTENTION! You do everything at your own peril and risk!
Be sure to back up your settings before changing.

Full version of FORScan required.

We go into the module programming mode, select the BCM module and the AS BUILT configuration mode.

We need to change two options:

726-13-01-0000-XX - responsible for the front turn signal lamps.
726-14-01-0000-XX - responsible for the rear turn signals.

XX - leave some numbers unchanged. Four digits are replaced with zeros. Initially there 0101.
These changes turn off the burnt out lamp indication by fast flashing at a rate of 160 times per minute.

You can search Google for the word Hyperflash.

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