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Edge versus Hyundai Tucson

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Just bought a used 2019 Edge. Carpooled with a relative this weekend, and did 650 miles behind the wheel of a 2022 Hyundai Tucson.


I have not spent any time driving the 2019 Edge. I have put 10 miles on it going to the grocery store one time.


I have not really spent much time in a vehicle with:

adaptive cruise

lane centering

lane following

OEM LED headlights

push button start/proximity lock/unlock


I tried them all out this weekend in the Tucson.


Adaptive cruise is pretty nice. I found myself going to where it would actually brake because normally I would either tap brakes and coast until I could get in the other lane, or get closer to the car in front. I can't wait to try it out in the Edge. I need to adjust to using it versus normal cruise, and not sure I would use it around town.

Lane centering (slight shake of the wheel and alert if I crossed), I sorta fought this and the lane following. I would probably not use it that much, it got brain dead when cresting a hill in a turn with nothing on the horizon, but still had road lines. I will try it on the Edge as well

OEM LED Headlights...so many dark spots and weird bright areas (on both vehicles), pretty confusing. The fogs help a little with fill, but they have a very narrow pattern (as they should). I have never been flashed in an OEM headlight equipped vehicle before, and got flashed in the Tucson.

Keeping the fob in my pocket is nice and I have to play around with it in the Edge, but so far I like it. I do have to watch having the fob with me when I wash my Edge, as I did get the liftgate (power, with sensors) to open when I didn't want it to.


The Tucson has the super huge set of LED accent lighting (an inverted triangle) that are also the turn signals, and turning on the turn signals I see reflections off very tall overhead signs and bridges, took some getting used to.


Overall I rate the Edge better build quality, and even though the specs don't bear it out as the cargo space is close, it seems more usable in the Edge. Much better power in the Edge, and it seems like very similar fuel mileage, I bet maybe 1 mpg better highway (my wife got 33 on mixed highway/freeway in the Edge, I got 30 mpg highway only in the Tucson.

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12 hours ago, dabangsta said:

Lane centering (slight shake of the wheel and alert if I crossed),

Ford has two different features, based on options:

Lane Keep Assist, this will nudge you back if you cross the lanes. This works irrespective of cruise control. 


Lane Centering, this will keep the vehicle centered between the lanes and only works with adaptive cruise control. 

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Yes, thank you for the clarification on the two and what Ford calls them. Lane Keep Assist is standard on all. I do have an SEL with Co-Pilot360 Assist+ so it adds the adaptive cruise with lane centering.


When test driving it, I tried them out and never could get them to assist, or center, but I only drove it a few miles.

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My son has the new 2022 Tuscan. Very nice. Side by side the Edge is slightly bigger, length and I believe width. He feels my edge is better ride, quieter, and more comfortable for longer rides. Certainly he prefers my ST for power. Both are very nice cars and have similar safety features.

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On the Tucson it has some interesting small instrument cluster differences.


I like that when you fill it up with gas, it has a separate screen for "since fill up" with miles, average fuel economy. It also has "this trip" that starts when you start the vehicle (and same miles and average mpg). It does only have a single accumulated miles style trip. It also has accumulated time vehicle has been stopped with the auto start/stop (this was a 2022, with 34,000 miles, and it had 35 hours of time in stop mode!). The "analog" speedometer is to the far left, and tach to the far right, so you really have to use the digital speedometer in the middle, it is hard to read the analog speedo, small numbers and weird graduation marks (100-160 mph is very compressed, the entire thing is not linear).


I haven't really explored the different views in the Edge, but I already really don't like it. I like having instant mileage, average mileage, miles to empty, and miles since trip was reset...all in one view. I don't find that with the Edge, but maybe it is Trip2. I also like a tach to be able to stay off the gas enough to not spool up the turbo (unless I want to), but I got the feel for that before, so I should get it again.


I also tried out the Edge adaptive cruise "stop and go" starting at a stop light and setting it, and letting off the brake. Once the car in front of me left, my car followed it up to 20 mph, then I could set it to the speed of the road.


I got the emergency keys cut today (it only had one fob, I made sure that it had 2 fobs with 2 emergency keys), they told the dealership it would be done by VIN but they removed the lock set and and pins and coded it that way, but they didn't have another blank and wouldn't do a third (on my dime, the dealer paid for the first 2), but I feel better having a way in the vehicle if the battery dies.


Ordered carpet floor mats, as I live in the desert and these slick plastic all weather mats are not needed and are annoying), batteries for the fobs (2045, crazy large), that third fob (a refurbished one with a blank emergency key), a touch up paint kit, a cargo net (well, 2...one for across the back, and one for the floor using the LATCH on the back of the seats).


Updated SYNC to 3.4 to get the new look, and it is much more responsive than 3.0 (from my Escape) and 3.3 (factory install on Edge, never updated).


Trying to figure out that silly cubby in front of the center console, above the passenger side power point. I can't even think of something I could 3d print to make it useful.


Filling up the foam compartments under the cargo floor around the spare, much larger/taller than the Escape, so I can do a decent tool kit.

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