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My ford edge 2014 shudders only in the morning

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Help me please if you have experienced the same problem. My ford edge 2014. 120000 km. It shudders (like misfire) only when it is cold . I have inspected it at many shops and no codes. I have just changed piggies, air filter, oil filter, transmission oil, battery is new, cleaned the air sensor, changed the canister valve. And same issue is happening every morning and it runs well all the day. One mechaninc suggested it might be the transmission but i'm not convinced as if it is, it should shutter all the day.



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If this is happening when you put it in drive, forward or reverse, it probably is the transmission or differential.  If it is in Park and the engine shudders, well then, that is different.  Just a week ago my fiance's Toyota Tacoma pickup with over 150,000 miles exhibited shuddering as soon as you would put it in gear and start moving, but only when cold first thing in the morning.  We took it to a trusted shop and told them something was wrong with the engine or steering.  They said no, it was the old differential fluid.  They changed it and said drive it for a while to get the new fluid circulating.  It has now stopped shuddering.  

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