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Water pump, early leak detection?

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2015 SEL 3.5 V6 AWD, pick it up tomorrow for first time, 110k miles.


After (I hope) thorough research the known highest drivetrain risk appears to be a bad/leaking internal water pump seal, potentially diluting engine oil causing engine demise.  At least twice I watched Ford Tech Mackuloco's YT video describing the leak detection system in the pump housing.  Best I can tell, the earliest leak detection is a greenish weapage below the pump housing.  


Somebody suggested occasionally sliding a mirror and flashlight under the engine to search for green weapage under the pump housing.  Is it just as well to simply regularly observe coolant level in the reservoir, with the engine temp always the same (cold?)   



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Yes, there are 2 weep holes that can show coolant leaking out of them. I hope the coolant isn't green, but Orange (or the Yellow that superseded Orange).

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Thank you kindly for the color correction!  


What about regularly checking the coolant level with a cold engine?  Is there an advantage to checking the 2 weep holes?  TX!



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My 2012 Fusion has the same 3.5, I check the coolant level and the oil (level and if it has water/coolant and milky) every few tanks of gas. I did identify the weep holes but I don't really check them, they are not that easy without really digging in. I did remove the under engine plastic panel as it masked an issue I had with an oil leak.

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Not sure there's such a thing as "early detection" for a failed WaterPump,

unless you're just lucky enough to have a "slow" leak thru the FlangeSeal & you're vigilant enough to notice it.

Have here a 2008 EdgeAWD V6~3.5L~DOHC; just finished rebuilding\renewing these items:

~ the notorious InternalChainDrivenWaterPump, upgraded from PlasticImpeller to MetalImpeller (see pic below)

~ all Timing components excepting the VVT Sprockets (see pic below)

~ upgraded InternalChainDrivenOilPump to a Melling HiVolume unit while I was in there (see pic below)

~ new PowerTransferUnit\PTU, bottom drilled+tapped with FumotoDrainValve, top Vent & side Fill removed & both hosed up to FillCan under Hood

~ upgraded Radiator from NonTow 1Row to TowRated 2Row

~ all new Gaskets+Seals+Hoses+Belts+BeltTensioner as items were re-instralled

~ Engin+Trans LeftMount modified with StudBolts~Frame for easier Access\Removal\Install

~ Engine Bay cleaned+repainted

~ ElectricalHarnesses rewrapped

~ new front Struts\Shocks

All of this was initiated due to WaterPump InnerFlangeSeal failing & spewing Yellow\Gold coolant out upper+front weepholes.

WaterPump can fail 3 different ways:

~ the InnerFlangeSeal fails & spews coolant externally thru Front+Top WeepHoles without damaging Engin

~ both Outer+InnerFlangeSeals fail & spews coolant into the OilPan & damages Engin

~ the ImpellerBearing+Seal fails & spews coolant into the OilPan & damages Engin

so I figure i'm damned lucky it failed the way it did.

I pulled the Engine+Trans from the top;

this was a tedious rebuild, 3month+ mostly waiting for parts;

but she's now running good, hopefully for another 150kMiles.










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Ayiyi!  I can't believe you did that in your garage!  Congrats!


Finally picked up my Edge today.  OMG I am totally in love with this car.  It is just a fantastic ride.  The most advanced vehicle I have ever driven and I realize this being a 2015 the current versions have to be even nicer.  


Only got 1 digital key.  My Edge appears to have no physical key nor key hole.  What on earth happens if the digital key loses power?  Does anyone know the approximate cost for a 2nd key?  Is a generic key via Ebay as good as OEM or should I stick to OEM only?  I suspect OEM cost is at least twice a generic if the latter exist.  

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4 hours ago, ASL1125 said:

...can't believe you did that in your garage!

...picked up my Edge today...in love with this car...2015

...digital key...no physical key nor key hole...cost for a 2nd key? 

Yep, definitely lucky to have the sheltered garage space; a lot of guys tough it out under a "shade tree" in all sorts of bad weather!

Congrats on your "new to you" 2015 Edge, be sure to routinely change Coolant+TStat & PTU GearOil if fitted, despite Fords claims of LifeTime fluids

Sorry can't help with your key problem; likely need a LockSmith\Dealer\PCMProgrammer; others in the forum sure to have a solution.

Suspect a lot of dealers supply only 1 key with each vehicle sold, knowing customers will then have  to spend several hundred bucks for a 2nd.


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