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2020 Edge Se Remote Start Fob

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I just bought a 2020 Edge Se that has remote start but the Fob doesn't have remote start and a lock smith told me today that he can't program a Fob to do the remote start because the remote start is at a different frequency ( 315 ) So I called a couple Ford dealerships to see how which Fob I need to be able to use the remote start. The first one told me the car doesn't come with remote start from the last 8 digits of the Vin. Even though I know it does as I can remote start it from the Ford Pass App. The 2nd one told me after being given the Vin the car doesn't have Fob remote start but has Ford Pass Remote start via app and I would have to buy a whole new remote start system to get it to remote start from Fob as the Ford uses two different Remote start systems one for Fobs and one for App but neither will do both.  Is this true and what in the hell was Ford thinking if this true what a stupid idea.

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Remote start from the fob is different than remote start from the FordPass app. My last 2 cars had FordPass but no remote start from the fob.


Looks like a module needs upgraded in addition, there is a 2015+ thread here on how someone did it.

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I was looking at the FordPass app. Did you see the info it collects and distributes? 



Precise location.

Email address 

User ID

User interactions 

Device ID

"Other" stuff



Full name

Email address

User ID


Phone number

Sexual orientation  ???????

And "other" stuff ?????????

Health and fitness information 

Copies of your photos

Files and docs, and 

Interactions of user with app.


I *think* we've discovered who Big Brother really is!



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