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Unusual no-start condition

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I have a 2013 Edge with push button start that has an unusual no-start condition. Intermittently the car will not start when using the push button start. I press the brake, then the push button, it cranks normally, starts for a split second, then goes to power off mode (dash shuts down seat retracts). If you are outside the car, you can remote start, get in and it stays running and you can drive off.


This car has had the following items changed within the last six months:

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump Control



the only code the car has in memory is P0457, which I found was the vapor line leaking at the fuel pump that I fixed today.



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did the problem begin after any of the work was done? thats a pretty significant list of items. some requiring configuration.


how many miles on the clock?


fuel and emissions management is considered critical so it is POSSIBLE the vehicle sees that code and is refusing to start. tho it should not crank at all.


verify battery voltage and cold cranking amps with engine off and at ambient.


the push button could be failing but not enough yet to set a code.

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