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2016 Edge Sport - Powerlift trunk issues

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Hi All,


Recently, i have been experiencing some issues with the powerlift trunk. 


  • About a few weeks ago, it slowed down on open and close.
  • When closing, it would sometimes not latch and then open slightly. It would open again when the exterior trunk open button is pressed.
  • But, it would not close by pressing the button on the inside of the trunk door. I would have to manually close it.


I am suspecting the powerlift struts and possibly motor. 

Any suggestions?


As always, its very difficult to get clear answers from the UAE dealership. Its easier with this forums understanding.





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Have you tried a manual open/close to test for binding? Havevyou tried lubing the hinges?

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27 minutes ago, enigma-2 said:

Have you tried a manual open/close to test for binding? Havevyou tried lubing the hinges?

Manually, it opens and closes with no issues.

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Because your Edge is exhibiting several Power Liftgate symptoms -- change in open/close velocity; a sporadic failure to pulldown and/or latch; cargo area pushbutton opens but does not close while exterior pushbutton performs normally -- the best-first step may be to perform the Power Liftgate Initialization procedure, which involves de-powering the Rear Gate Trunk Module (RGTM)...


Document download link> Power Liftgate Initialization - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf


You will notice this RGTM de-powering can be done either by pulling the RGTM fuses or by disconnecting the Edge's battery.


If you choose pulling fuses, there are two -- F76 in the Battery Junction Box (BJB) and F10 in the Body Control Module (BCM)...





Battery Junction Box (BJB) Images











  • Release the tabs.
  • Lift and position the top part of the junction box aside.







Body Control Module (BCM) Images









Be aware that the alternative RGTM de-powering method -- Battery Disconnect procedure -- offers these cautions...


NOTICE: Removing the negative battery ground cable at the LH strut tower will not disable the vehicle's electrical system. Failure to disconnect the battery cable from the battery post may cause component damage.


NOTE: When the battery is disconnected and connected, some abnormal drive symptoms may occur while the vehicle relearns its adaptive strategy. The vehicle may need to be driven to allow the PCM to relearn the adaptive strategy values.


Document download link> Battery Disconnect and Connect - General Procedures - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf


The following Workshop Manual section provides a wonderful explanation of Power Liftgate operation in conjunction with the RGTM and other components...


Document download link> Power Liftgate System - Description and Operation - 2016 Edge Workshop Manual.pdf




Please report back on the outcome of the Power Liftgate Initialization procedure. 


Good luck!


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Thanks @Haz, I will report back soon.

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That is an excellent write-up.  I may be having some issues, but I haven't had the car long enough yet to really test it.  It did do something funky yesterday, and my wife saw it on the screen, but I did not, and it was all good when I looked.  Anyway, I'll keep watch on this to see how it went.

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