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GSB 23-7034 - Interior Trim Concern Analysis (For Warrantability)

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Interior Trim Concern Analysis
08 March 2023

This bulletin supersedes 22-7055.



This article supersedes GSB 22-7055 to update the vehicle model years affected and Service Information.

Use this document to assist in determining warrantable interior trim and steering wheel conditions.


Service Information

For fabric, carpets, cloth seats, safety belts, and interior trim:

• Re-adhering loose leather to the steering wheel can be completed per the Workshop Manual

• Do not use cleaning solvents, bleach or dye on the vehicle’s safety belts, as these actions may weaken the belt webbing

• Remove dust and loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner

• Remove light stains and soil with Motorcraft products as instructed in the vehicle Owner’s Manual

• Do not use household cleaning products or glass cleaners, which may damage the finish of the instrument panel, interior trim and cluster lens, and can stain and discolor fabric

• Avoid cleaners or polishes that increase the gloss of the upper portion of the instrument panel. The dull finish in this area helps protect you from undesirable windshield reflection

• Make sure to wash or wipe hands clean if they have been in contact with certain products such as insect repellent and suntan lotion in order to avoid possible damage to the interior

• Do not allow air fresheners and hand sanitizers to spill onto interior surfaces

Non-warrantable conditions:

• Interior damage

• Scratches

• Soiling, obvious vandalism or abuse

• Pry marks

• Damage, burns, soil marks, cuts, scratches, scuffs, tears or punctures

• Damage due to chemicals, solvents, or use of non-Ford approved cleaners

• Leather/stitching damaged during removal of steering wheel wrap

• Leather/vinyl normal deterioration and wear

• Wood natural grain pattern variation (i.e. grain direction, frequency, knots)

• Dye transfer from customer clothing

Cuts, Scratches, Scuffs, Tears Or Punctures (Non-warrantable) (Figures 1-3)

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3


Bubbles (Warrantable) (Figures 4-6)

Figure 4


Figure 5


Figure 6


Stains From Chemical Influence (Non-warrantable) (Figures 7-9)

Figure 7


Figure 8


Figure 9


Broken Attachments (Non-warrantable) (Figure 10)

Figure 10


Alignment, Fit, Warped (Warrantable) (Figures 11-13)

Figure 11


Warped instrument panel (Warrantable) (Figure 12)

Figure 12


Warped glove box door (Warrantable) (Figure 13)

Figure 13


Stained Headliner (Non-warrantable) (Figure 14)

NOTE: Staining as the result of a defect would be covered as related damage.

Figure 14


Rough Cut Headliner, Normal Appearance (Non-warrantable) (Figure 15)

Figure 15


Creased Headliner (Non-warrantable) (Figure 16)

Figure 16


Headliner Edge Visible (Warrantable) (Figure 17)

NOTE: Complete removal/installation may be required to ensure proper alignment.

Figure 17


Loose Mat Anchor (Warrantable) (Figure 18)

NOTE: With no associated liquid staining present.

Figure 18


Loose Carpet (Warrantable) (Figure 19)

NOTE: Compete removal/installation may be required to establish a proper fit.

Figure 19


Stains (Non-warrantable) (Figure 20)

NOTE: Abrasive liquid may dissolve carpet fibers.

Figure 20


Carpet Matted Appearance (Warrantable) (Figure 21)

NOTE: This appearance may be the result of depressed fibers. This can be corrected by cleaning and reanimating the fibers using a carpet/steam cleaner (with temperatures under 350 degrees Fahrenheit) in the area. If a carpet/steam cleaner is not available, this procedure can be sublet out to a local interior/detail shop. If a shop is not locally available, a steamer such as Rowenta steamer or equivalent can be purchased and used to correct this condition. This tool purchase should be claimed as an outside service part (OSP).

Figure 21


Carpet Cut (Non-warrantable) (Figure 22)

Figure 22


Carpet Edges Fraying (Non-warrantable) (Figure 23)

NOTE: Carpet edges are considered an unfinished edge and fraying at the edges is a normal appearance (frayed fibers can be trimmed for satisfaction) and does not require carpet replacement.

Figure 23


Carpet Pile Appearance (Non-warrantable) (Figures 24-25)

Frayed appearance can be corrected by mild brushing of the pile in a forward direction. This would be considered part of vehicle care and not eligible for warranty. (Figure 24)

Figure 24


Frayed appearance on left side of image can be corrected by mild brushing in a forward direction as seen on the right side. (Figure 25)

Figure 25


Leather Steering Wheel Worn Or Peeling (Warrantable) (Figure 26)

Figure 26


Urethane Steering Wheel Worn Or Peeling (Warrantable) (Figure 27)

Figure 27


Steering Wheel Abrasion (Non-warrantable) (Figure 28)

Figure 28


Urethane Steering Wheel Mold Marks (Non-warrantable) (Figure 29)

Figure 29


Leather Steering Wheel Loose Thread, Originates At The Knotted End Of The Thread (Warrantable) (Figure 30)

Figure 30


Leather Steering Wheel Cut Thread (Non-warrantable) (Figure 31)

Figure 31


Steering Wheel Modification (Non-warrantable) (Figure 32)

Figure 32


Steering Wheel Cover Repair (Warrantable) (Figure 33)

Can be repaired per the Workshop Manual.

Figure 33



© 2023 Ford Motor Company


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