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2013 MKX AWD—Transmission Flush, or simple drain and fill?

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Hello all, 


Had my MKX in to an independent shop today for an alignment, and they noticed that the trans fluid was pretty dark during the vehicle inspection. I verified it when I got home and noticed the same. I bought it at ~49,000 miles, and it currently has 89k on it. To my knowledge, the fluid hasn’t been changed to this point, and I’m not sure whether I should go with a transmission flush or just a simple drain and fill. I’m finding conflicting answers for the 6F50, so I was wondering if any of you have experience on this front. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!


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Drain and fill is the way to go. If it has been 90k miles, you might want to do multiple drain and refills (it takes 3 per the Ford manual to get most of the fluid changed that way).


Mercon LV gets dark fast. Ford issued a bulletin about it 2 years after they started shipping vehicles with it. The dye it uses goes away pretty quickly (like Royal Purple in some uses). Some Mercon V stays red longer, but most of it is dark after 10k miles, and even with 3 or 4 drains, it will likely stay pretty dark, with a hint of red after the last change.


As long as it doesn't smell burnt, isn't brown or have a lot of suspended solids, shouldn't be an issue.

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