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Passenger seat, no heat or a/c

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Wife likes to pop on the seat heater whenever we go anywhere. (Never uses seat a/c). Problem popped up in March, turn on seat, stays on for 2-minutes and then shuts off. Doesn't get hot.


Took to dealer yesterday (they gave me a new F150 as a loaner, 4 wd, super quiet, smooth, like driving a tank).


Diagnostic Technician checked wiring, module and TED. Turned out the TED failed. Will take 5 days to get in. $849 (or thereabouts).


They fully expected me to say "no way"  but got "ok, fix it". Guy on phone choked. Repeated the price. Said "fine". "Should be covered by Lincoln warranty. (2009 Lincoln MKX). Guy got authoritarian reminding me that the factory warranty ran out years ago. Said no, extended warranty. (On a 2009)? So he looked it up and there it was. Covered? Yup.


Going back to get it put in next week, plus 3 new Schrader valves and a/c recharge, plus full 174 check (certified used) inspection. (Want to find everything I can before extended warranty runs out next month).

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BTW, forgot to add, Ford service centers now come to your house, leave you a loaner for the day, drive your car to the dealership and service it, then bring it back. Don't even have to leave home to get car repaired. Plus you have a loaner.



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From the Ford Media Center, January 26, 2023...



  •   Ford is expanding and enhancing its remote experiences offerings to make complimentary Pickup & Delivery and Mobile Service appointments available to all Ford Service customers
  • The nationwide acceleration is part of Ford’s commitment to improve the ownership experience by providing convenient, seamless options for vehicle service, from simple oil changes to recall repairs
  • Increasing access to remote experiences is fueled by positive sentiment, brand loyalty and customer demand for more personalized service options

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 26, 2023 – Ford customers nationwide now can enjoy complimentary Pickup & Delivery as well as expanded mobile services from participating dealers as part of the company’s increased commitment to enhancing the ownership experience. According to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study, data shows that customers who utilize remote experiences for vehicle repair are more likely to recommend their brand to a friend or family member.


“Customers who’ve experienced Pickup & Delivery and Mobile Service love the convenience and flexibility,” said Todd Rabourn, North America Regional CX Director. “This program increases the access customers have to remote service options, so whether you’re due for an oil change or need to resolve a recall, it’s easier to have your vehicle serviced with less disruption to your life, and the activities and people you care about.”


The expanded program provides dealers with additional support to offer the complimentary remote services.


“We’ve been working with multiple teams at Ford to offer our customers more ways to personalize vehicle service,” said Tim Hovik, National Dealer Council Chairperson. “By expanding the remote experiences offerings, we can accelerate our ability to be there for customers whenever and wherever they need us.”


With Pickup & Delivery, the customer’s preferred Ford dealer will come to their home or place of business, pick up their vehicle and return it when the repair has been completed.  This adds convenience and choice to the service experience while minimizing downtime.


For light repairs and routine maintenance, a Mobile Service van can be dispatched with a trained technician to perform service at an eligible location of the customer’s choice.

Participating dealers have the ability to set their own service and mileage limits for each type of remote experience.


Rabourn says that Ford customers appreciate the time savings and consistently rate their satisfaction and willingness to recommend the Ford brand higher as a result of offering remote experiences.


The remote experiences program is voluntary for dealers and all Ford Service customers can take advantage of complimentary Pickup & Delivery and Mobile Service appointments from participating dealers including retail, fleet, commercial and government customers.


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Whoa, that is cool. I hope to never ever have to avail myself of this. They didn't seem to indicate any of this for the airbag recall on my Fusion.

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20 hours ago, dabangsta said:

Isn't that a Lincoln thing?

Was. Ford is forcing all their dealers to do this to build customer base. When I called them for service appointment they finished with "are we picking it up or will you be bringing it in"? Asked them when I dropped it off and they said all dealers doing this now. They also had about a half-dozen loaners available. Mostly year old F150's and some Expedition's. 


Something else, when I got the loaner all I needed was drivers license and insurance info. About a half hour later I got a text with a link. The link takes you to a website where you review and sign contract. Much easier than before. Only problem was they showed fuel tank as full (default) and truck only had 1/4 tank. Phone call to dealer fixed it.

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