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Rob Son

Problem with changing tire size in Forscan.

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Hi, I have a problem with changing the size of the tires in forscan, changing the circumference in BdyMC , it shows me an error in PMC, I have performed the learning procedure in PMC (relearn vehicle data) the error still occurs. I will add that I have tire size only in one place ( from what I was able to find in BCM module). Does anyone have any idea . Edge 3.5L FWD 2016

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When I changed tire size on my 2015 MKX -- which is a Gen 1+ vehicle and not Gen 2 like your 2016 Edge -- it was necessary to make the tire-size change in the Body Control Module and the ABS module, per the 2014 Edge Workshop Manual's module configuration guidance (edited to apply to your question)...






And while it does not include tire size change guidance, and I cannot provide assurance on the correctness of advice it provides, you may enjoy this compilation of Forscan modifications provided by a 2016 Edge owner on Forscan's discussion forum...


Document download link>  2016 Ford Edge FORScan Changes Made.pdf


If you require original As-Built programming data for your Edge, it should be available from this site, after you select country and language preferences.


Good luck!


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