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PremiumCARE ESP, Heated Steering Wheel Covered?

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My heated steering wheel in y 18 Sport stopped working just at the end of winter.


I just did a Forscan scan and came up with a Short to Battery or Open code.

I've heard that if the heater fails, the wheel needs to be replaced.

Mine has adaptive steering, so it's something like $2,000 part, plus labor.


Question, would this be covered under a PremiumCARE Ford ESP?

I found a brochure, but it's not listed, but the brochure also says partial list.

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It is worth calling FordProtect to get the answer to your question...




The FordProtect website provides a listing of covered items organized by category...




Heated steering wheel is not included in the Steering category...




The online covered parts listing appears to duplicate the items mentioned in FordProtect Terms and Conditions - January 2021.pdf (download link).


If you seek PremiumCare wraparound coverage on your Edge's Blue Advantage Gold Certification, your Edge's non-Powertrain systems may have to be inspected, since only the Powertrain portion of that used vehicle certification remains in force. Ford Blue Advantage Gold Certified Limited Warranty.pdf (download link)


Good luck!



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Thanks for the info.

According to the terms and conditions document, the heated wheel would be covered since it states


5D. COVERED ITEMS - “PremiumCARE” If You elected PremiumCARE, all Failures are covered EXCEPT for those items excluded in the Provision titled: “WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT.”


Since the heated wheel is not listed under the 'not covered' section, it seems like it would fall under the agreement.

I just don't want to bring it in and have them diagnose it for a fee and say it's not covered.


I'll see about giving them a call before scheduling anything with the dealer.

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Not listed, but It's covered. (Not exempted).

  I've used my premiumcare for things like seat lumbar replacment (both seats). Not listed but still covered.

  In-fact I just used it this week and they told me that the bill was just over $2800.

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