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2012 2.0 Ecoboost slow to accelerate. Multiple codes

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I have a 2012 SEL with the 2.0 ecobost engine. Not too long ago I had to put the car in the shop to have water outlet valve, Coolant Bottle cap and the heater hose (Part-12/99 CT4Z*18C553*) replaced. The vehicle ran great for about a week. Now its slow to accelerate, especially when it warms up. I hooked a code reader up to it and I got the following codes:


  • P0012
  • P0299
  • P0012(00)
  • P0299(00)
  • P0012(00)
  • P0299(00)


What is the most likely problem and is this something that a DIYer could fix?


I'm definitely new to forum sites. 


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What's the mileage?


What is the service history?


What oil change interval, what oil used, what oil filter used?


The camshaft position sensor code is often related to the CVVT oil control valve getting fouled by sludge, or worse a badly worn timing chain.



As I mentioned in your previous thread, it looks like you use poor quality service shops and this might be related to your current problem.

Heater Hose Locations, instructions, diagrams and videos - 2.0L EcoBoost - Ford Edge Forum

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