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Winter tires, studded or no?

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I am trying to find the best set of winter/snow tires for my 2011 Ford Edge SEL.  Wondering if anyone can recommend a cheaper tire that performs well.  I’d prefer to go without studs just to save money but do you guys think studs are a must?  


I live in Maine and plan on hauling my snowmobile with my car.  I have the 3500lb tow package as well as a 10’ trailer.  My tires now are 245/60-18’s.  Should I get the same size winter tires or downsize 1 step to a tire that isnt so wide?  


Thanks for your help!

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If you do not want to run decent all seasons than get some snow tires. Same size should be fine. 


I'm in NH and run all season on my trucks (all have been 4x4 or awd) and dedicated snow tires on my fwd cars. 

Never ran into an issue when I would have needed or perferred studs. 

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