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No crank no start security light blinking rapidly

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My 07 Ford Edge won’t crank no start and the security light blinking rapidly after driving down interstate just fine.  Just out of blue the dash said no compass no response and wouldn’t stop beeping.  So stopped at the nearest gas station thinking if I shut the vehicle off and back on that it would stop beeping and I could keep going on.  But that’s not what happened.  It wouldn’t crank or start. So had veh towed home and have been trying to figure it out since. The door handle was broke about 2 months ago and I have bought a new one but haven’t put it on yet bc I couldn’t figure out how to get it changed yet.  I had a direct line from fan to fuse bc the fan wouldn’t kick on one day and was getting hot. So to get home ok I ran it directly to the fuse box for a constant hot.  Those are the only things I can think of, that I’ve done to it in a while.  Changed batteries bc it was dead. Please help me determine what’s wrong so I can get it back on the road again.  

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These problems can really be hard to pin down. One area to check is the grounds and connections going to tge PCM. Look for corrosion. Try the other different key and see if it starts. Check your vehicle battery. Check for corrosion around the battery conbectors.


The door handle is secured by a single screw. Open the door. On the door frame you'll see a small access hole. Look in and you'll see a screw. When you remove it, the back portion of the handle comes off. Then the front (larger) section can be slide backwards and removed. Now, there is one cleavet to this. DON'T DROP THE SCREW WHEN RENOVING. Only remove the screw with a magnitized screwdriver.

And go slow. Drop the screw and you'll need to pull the door panel to get it back.


If you don't have a magnetized screwdriver, buy a Dewalt magnetized (they're not expensive.)

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