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2009 AWD Ticking on Start

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Have a ticking sound on startup - more often when its cold outside

Sometimes it goes away - sometimes not


Any ideas? - 180K - thought it might be a hydraulic lifter that take a while to "pump up"




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1st, make sure oil level is where it should be.

2nd, what weight Oil now? When was last Oil+Filter change?  Every 4kMiles\6mths.

3rd, when engine has sat for 24hr+, try a PreStart ColdCrank:  Key off, hold GasPedal to floor, Key crank 5~10sec, Key off, release GasPedal, start normally

This pre-circulates oil thru engine before starting.

4th, consider next heavier weight oil, say from 0w20 to 0w30, or 5w30 to 5w40.  Can help quiet older engines.  NameBrand FullSyn recommended.

5th, consider an Oil Additive\Treatment; can't recommend a brand, but I've used Lucas as a substitute for 1/2qt; seems little more than heavier oil, but likely helps a bit.

6th, not a kosher SAE recommendation, but I've gotten in the practice of  spraying a little CarbCleaner down the OilDipTube & OilFill

then idling the engine for 5~10min before changing the Oil+Filter; believe this helps to clear out any oil sludge buildup.


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