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New to Me 2022 Ford Edge Titanium

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Purchased 2022 Edge Titanium couple of months ago.  Traded out of a 2015 Equinox, 160k,  that was burning oil and starting to leak.  Got the Titanium cause it had the adjustable seat memory, like it so far. I'm an old guy and still having trouble getting it straight into a 90 right angle parking stall.  I think it's the tall hood and the side taper of the visible edge of the hood.  I'm getting back into my own maintenance and hoping for good advice in the Forum!

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After 15 months and 18,000 miles I still focus too much on the raised fenders (like this is a pre runner or something) and hate the water puddling dip in the hood. I noticed it switching between a 2012, 2017, and 2019 when I was test driving them. I wish I had the memory settings in my SEL, as I am 5'11" and my wife is 4'10" and I have to stand outside of the car moving the seat back enough to get in. But every previous car I have had that had memory and ease of access the first gadget to die has been the front/back action of the drivers seat, even if we switched the same amount in the other cars, which was weird.

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