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"Lifting the MKX"

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OK folks new guy here. Have been driving 4x4 Suburbans since back in the late 80's and am looking for a change. The MKX really tweeks me.


Just wondering, and this maight be the wrong place to post this, but does anyone make any kind of lift kit that would elevate this little bugger another two to three inchis up? Any experience? I am thinking about two sets of tires and rims in the taller class and there fore would need some lift. I have searched the major lift kit sites and have not seen anything listed and usually these guys have them ready before a new model even hits the streets.


Be honest. If I am trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear say so.


For us older folks that were into 4x4's years ago the Edge/MKX body style reminds me of some of those cartoons of jacked proto vehicles. Yea, I am old......


Thanks for your time.

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The MKX is a unibody with independant suspension. Lifting it any more than an inch is going to throw the suspension geometry into a complete tailspin that would not be correctable. The ball joints and halfshafts will not last long at those extreme angles. Never mind tire clearance issues.


You'd end up making a sow's ear out of a silk purse...

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