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Roof Rack solution?

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HELP!!!!! We recently picked up our new 2010 Edge Limited AWD (a few months ago now) - which we had specially ordered since we forwent the Vista Roof for factory installed roof rails and cross bars. We needed the extra storage capacity of a cargo box (which we explained to the dealer). I just attempted to install our Thule Atlantis 1200 box on the roof - which is too long (it interferes with the tailgate fully opening). SO - I went to pick up a new - somewhat shorter box (that would still accommodate our ski equipment) ONLY to discover that there is NO box that fits on the Ford rails and cross bars which doesn't interfere with the tailgate opening. I have now been in touch with our dealer... Ford Canada AND Thule - and there doesn't seem to be a solution?!?!???? Given that these are factory installed rails - we can't remove them to try a complete after market solution (i.e. Thule, Yakima or Inno bars)... and since the roof rails are installed so far back on the roof line - even Thule cross bars won't work. HELP?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <so much for ordering factory installed roof systems from Ford)

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