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    2.0 ecoboost..how is working in the new Edge?

    I have a 2.0L Ecoboost AWD in my 2015 SEL and I'm coming from a 2011 V6 SEL FWD. Can I tell a difference? Yes, I can tell it's not the same V6 engine, more from the sounds of the engine than the performance but I can tell. Does the 2.0L perform? Yes, the acceleration and over performance meets my expectation. Am I saving any gas? No, 850 miles in and I'm avg 22MPG on mixed highway and local daily commute, the same I got on my V6. I realize I now have AWD vs. my old FWD but Ford gives higher MPG numbers on my 2015. Maybe this will improve some over time.
  2. Chris Ferriter

    Price paid for 2015 Edge Thread

    Picked up a Tuxedo Black 2015 SEL AWD 2.0 Ecoboost with 201A bundle and roof rails for $33,574.00 ($36,150 MSRP) pre tax+tags in Pottstown, PA yesterday. Had an offer from another dealer for 32,995.00 WHEN they got one in stock but needed to purchase this week. I had the same spec 2011 V6 FWD previously. It's a nice upgrade. I wish MFT was the new version but I never had a problem with the old version.
  3. Yes, the rear makes sense with the Sony system (keep forgetting that minor detail). My non-sony System is all front I believe so I'm searching for a good place towards the front of the vehicle to simply the wiring since my goal is to use the MS-8 as the amp as well. So far the under the front seats don't look like options so should be interesting. I took a look at the very detailed installation instructions for the Edge stealthbox on JL's site last night, this should help you if you know exactly where the factory amp is installed.
  4. Where are you thinking of placing the JBL MS-8? Near the HU?
  5. Just Curious.....How did the install go? Can you share pics? I really want to add a JL MS-8 to the MFT non-Sony system. I'm curious to see where you put everything. Any info would be great.
  6. Chris Ferriter

    New MFT Update is on Syncmyride.com!!

    You can still download it. If you're willing to go without the NAV until your USB Stick and SD card arrive, just say you don't have NAV.
  7. I was just on syncmyride.com and it is possible to download the new update. They ask you a series of questions including have you received the usb stick in the mail and do you have NAV. Just thought I'd pass this along.