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    • Hey guys, I just picked up a 2008 mkx limited AWD. It came with 2 fobs (lock, unlock, trunk, panic). I had the dealer pull the original invoice for me, and it has an optional remote start listed. I see a little antenna up by the rear view mirror. Does anyone know if it should've come with an additional fob for remote start, or does my factory fob operate that. If so, how does it work (what's the sequence). And finally, if it does work, how can I test or reprogram to work? (This ride is black, was hoping to get it started with air on a bit before getting in on those hot days.    Thanks for any, and all help. I searched some post, and found that the antenna up by the mirror is most likely for the remote start, but I didn't find any programming, or how to use the factory fob since there is no start icon (I tried the lock button two and three times, but that didn't work).
    • The ones like on the picture. Absolutely great shape, with stock Hankook that has 25k km on them.  Don't like the ride on low profile and would happily swap to 18 or 19 inch alloys from compatible Edge to get more sidewall ( I guess these are up to 2014 - with 114.3x5 and 63.4 center) The tires may make a price difference on either end, but we'll figure that out.  Located in southern ontario.
    • so basically for the edge to prevent carbon buildup do oil change every 5000 miles with  full synthetic or a catch can and hope for the best.
    • As @onyxbfly stated above, the Edge still uses Direct Injection only. The F-150 got dual injection in 2017 for the 3.5 EcoBoost only, then in 2018 the rest also got it. But all other EcoBoost Engines (AFAIK, and as per Ford's website as of today 07/07/2020) are still Direct Injection only, even the new Explorer, which was a clean new 2020 model & the first application of the 3.0 EcoBoost in longitudinal form.   Edit: The 2018+ Expedition is also PFI+DI like the F-150, although Ford's website states its only DI. So there goes relying on Ford as a credible source 😁.
    • 9 years and counting on the Mustang. Replaced the original battery in my 2010 Malibu last fall. It still functioned fine but it started leaking around the positive post. The Lincoln and the Mustang go on the Battery Tender if they sit for more than a few days. Neither see extreme heat or cold. The Malibu is parked outside year round and sees -35 to 35C temperatures (-31 - 95F) I think they cash out sooner in warmer climates.
    • So I got the tune loaded up on my 2019 SE and here are my thoughts;   Coming from a long list of tuned vehicles, the difference with the LMS tune is not "oh my god" different. However it is a significant boost in performance. When I first pulled out of my driveway, I was disappointed because it felt like stock. After about a half mile, it really woke up. Took a spin around the neighborhood along with a highway jaunt. Around the city, the transmission is buttery smooth. No more clunking and jerking at all! Low throttle (normal driving) feels like stock. Mid throttle gives you a little more "push" in the seat. Gunning it at 35mph actually introduced a little torque steer, much to my surprise. It seems the tune has massive power gains in the midrange, which is where you have your passing power. On my brief WOT run on the highway, the Edge did not feel like it was struggling to get up to speed like it was before. It reached 80mph pretty effortlessly. Passing power over 55mph has not been tested, as the highway drive I took was only a mile long.   Using Sport Mode was what made the most difference. Running in this mode made the Edge feel like my old Focus ST power-wise when it was stock. So that to me, is pretty impressive considering the 4000+ lb weight of the Edge.   Throttle sensitivity doesn't seem to be changed too much. It is a little more sensitive, but not like a trigger finger as I've experienced with some other tuned vehicles.   All in all, I am definitely pleased with the tune. It is about 80 degrees outside (muggy and humid), and I'm sure the performance benefits would be even more obvious when it's cooler outside. The Edge does not feel like a porker anymore, and feels like a lightweight car. The benefits are in line with what I have experienced in tuning other vehicles. No, it's not going to be like "Whoa Nelly" like when I went to Stage 2 Protune on my old WRX. It actually reminded me of the difference I felt when I tuned my Focus ST.   Tuned vehicles I've owned; 2008 Jeep JK Wrangler, 2011 Dodge Charger V6, 2008 Subaru WRX, 2004 Subaru WRX, 2018 Focus ST, and now a 2019 Edge. The only vehicles I had a drastic difference with was the 2008 WRX, as it gained a turboback and intake with the tune. I'm sure the Edge would also be drastically different with that as well. I do have an AFE Pro Dry S filter, and a custom exhaust with a 14x9 Magnaflow muffler.   TLDR: The Edge 2.0L LMS tune makes for a decent "Stage 1" tune that should provide ample midrange and passing power. I'm already looking forward to testing against some of the young'un boy racers with their Honda Civic Sports. I have full confidence in the power the tune gives me in order to put those Civics down.
    • ok  well looks like a catch can maybe i wont use a ravioi can
    • The catch can will help prevent build up! A ravioli can not so much......
    • shoot was hopin it wasnt a problem anymore with the edge now a catch can wont help prevent carbon buildup right? that just filters out all the junk oil right  is there anything you can do on the 2.0 ecoboost that can prevent carbon buildup?
    • The F150 does.... the edg sport not so much. TBH I'm not sure if the ST does or does not. 

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