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    • Well, I've had this car for about a month and a half now.  Overall, I am happy with it.  But one thing I have come to really not like is, the cupholders.  Especially the rear cupholders.  They are shallow and don't seem to hold anything in them.  We use them for "refills" for our water up front, especially on longer trips.  The cupholders won't even hold a standard crappy plastic water bottle, much less a cup from a fast food restaurant.  So, I am looking for solutions.  I've got a couple of "inserts" saved to my cart in Amazon, but I wanted to check here and see what everyone else is using or doing (if modding the cupholders instead).  The fronts are okay, but even they don't work very well for some of the cups we happen to use.  So enough rambling.  I would appreciate any ideas.
    • Welcome! As a few months owner of a 2019 SEL (with additions of Group 201a with premium audio, dual message displays in cluster, heated front seats, LED Signature lighting...and Co-Pilot360 Assist+ with adaptive cruise,...and convenience package with remote start), I understand. I came from a low optioned 2017 Escape, and found a well equipped SEL to replace it.   It took some time to get used to the Adaptive Cruise. First thing I did was update SYNC 3 to 3.4 (the newer darker UI), make sure I had the door code. I still have to learn why frequently it starts up with drivers seat heat on (it was nice for about 2 weeks, but it is already 85 degrees where I live).   Know what standard features you have, what options, and read up in the owners manual, I get the PDF and do it on my computer. I also had to ask about a few things here, lots of experience and access to advanced documents by quite a few here.
    • Looking to get information, tips and general ownership knowledge concerning out new to us 2019 Ford Edge SEL AWD with the turbo engine. Loving this car so far and figuring out all the bells and whistles it has.
    • I verified my warranty is 5 years or 60k. I'm in SC until Sunday. Interesting, that I called the local Ford dealer here and they never returned my call. Oh well, I'll check with my local dealer back in MI.   Poking around, I removed the air filter assy. as this info seems to suggest I have a trans filler cap. I at least wanted to check the fluid level, but mine doesn't have one. https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=4734&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G1676283&ProcUid=G1713844&userMarket=usa&div=f&vFilteringEnabled=False&buildtype=web   Thank you all for your help. Really love this ST so hoping I can get this resolved for long term ownership.  
    • As part of the paid diagnostic did they provide any codes it set? I think it is a common failure, rarely an actual wiring issue, most of the time the wiring harness and the connector on the parking brake motor corrode. There is nothing that requires any dealer level tools or programming to replace them.
    • Hi all, all of a sudden my parking brake yellow light, the red flashing light and the beeping alarm came on. That was 2 weeks ago. I took it straight to the dealer who told me I needed the passenger rear motore and cable new because of corrosion. I never use this brake so puzzled as to why. That's one. The other....I had an appointment today to fix said problem, waited for two solid hours to have it fixed only to have a guy come out (this is a dealership) and tell me what was wrong and how much it will be. I knew that 2 weeks ago!!!! They quote me $650 to do this and my NEXT appointment on Monday. By then I will have driven with lights on and the beeping for over three weeks. Can this only be done by a dealership? Is this price to much? Do I question the validity of needing a whole new motor? (the customer service is another question not belonging in here...ugh) Thank you in advance for any input or advice you may have. Below are the parts numbers that I had them give me before I left today. dg9z-2b712-a     $249.04 h2gz-14a411-b  $47.33 rest is labor...
    • Try rotating the tires and see if it still does it with the back on the front.
    • Thanks Haz.  I have a 22ST with the 2.7 and posted this question below when this was initially published by you in December.  I still hear a fast clicking/tapping noise from my engine, but it isn't limited to when it first starts as it always does it......here is what I wrote below.....   I have a 22 ST with the 2.7.  I don't necessarily hear this tapping or rattle noise on start up, but I do think that the engine is a bit noisy when you are outside the vehicle with it running and standing in front of it.  It does seem to make a constant fast clicking noise all the time on mine.  I attributed this to fuel injection or something else "normal" as it runs smoothly to me.  It doesn't make any different noise the first 5 seconds than it does all the time.  I also wonder what the problem is if it only does it, as reported, for 2 to 5 seconds after it starts, is there really a problem?  Is it harming the engine?  
    • Thanks Bofus.. Both shocks replaced by me - its a simple job as you may know, and I am quite experienced in mechanics. They are not OEM, but they are Monroe (37378) spec'd to OEM (probably makes the ford OEM as the look almost identical) for the sport model. I didn't got with FoMoCo/Motorcraft because well, at 70k mi they were done and had been for a while from what I can tell. So I thought Id try something else. Although is possible that the new shocks could be bad, having the exact same issue on the same side probably rules out the shocks. The parts reused from the old shocks are the boot and the stopper rubber at the top which looked in perfect condition. I did a visual inspection of the bushings, sway bar mounts and related wearable parts - all looked good an nothing out of place. As to a restriction/binding, yep, thats possible right? But I did not have a way to test that movement. I may have to take it in to a shop for a full inspection. I was looking to see if this was a familiar issue with this model. And I agree, it does fell like a bad shock - but what are the chances of the same issue on the same side with new ones?  
    • Did you replace the shocks yourself?  Are they OEM? I assume you moved all the parts (rubber bump stops and such) from the old onto the new? The new ones don't come with all the bits or new dust shields and such. I had a blown shock that eventually seized up and would not move any longer. Hitting any small imperfection in the road would transfer right to my spine. I replaced with Ford OEM parts on both sides.   Assuming that is all correct, it SOUNDS like something in the rear suspension must be binding and not freely moving through the suspension travel. I assume all the bushings are ok and the sway bar mount points are solid?   Maybe you got back shocks when you replaced them? It certainly sounds like the typical "worn shocks" behavior as something in the rear isn't being controlled/dampened.

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