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    • Never in an accident.  This vehicle had the engine replaced, under warranty, for the leaking valve seals.  So, I can see how the subframe alignment issue could come into play.  But!  It’s had two alignments at a Firestone - that has a state of the art alignment machine - and all has been well in the past.  Just minor adjustments.  So, I wonder if this dealers machine is “off?”   The vehicle does not pull and goes down the road straight.  That further supports my theory on this shops machine.  
        I am friends with the folks at the Firestone and am going there next Sunday to dig into it more and see what’s up.  
    • I sewed up two belt pouches today for the smaller RAM and larger EDGE FOBs. Chris
    • I used to have numerous flat car keys on a ring, which were no problem in a pocket.  Now I have the large FOB, in addition to house keys on a ring that I have to carry.  In the summer my cargo shorts have a small pocket that it fits perfect in.  In the winter it goes in a jacket.  It is when I am wearing jeans that I have a problem. I have a similar carabiner that I hooked to a belt loop, but it kept getting caught on things. So for now I only carry one FOB at a time and just deal with it in a pocket.
    • I’m always blown away when someone buys a 135000 mile car and expects no problems. Chances you take when you buy used. 
    • Probably one of the easiest installs ever, thankfully.   Use an impact gun to blitz off the rear 21mm bolt, then a breaker bar to crack the 15mm bolt. Finished it off with a ratcheting wrench, and fiddled it out over the exhaust.   Idk why, but CPE uses two aluminum spacers with the rear portion of the rmm. Which is a little annoying to slide into place. You'd think that just making the insert longer would suffice. They must have their reasons though.   Front bolt installs opposite side as OEM, which makes life a bit easier. I did not remove my belly pan for this job. Wasnt a big deal, but this is where it affects you.   NVH are there at idle, excited to break it in to mitigate that. Firmer shifting, less front end lift, less acceleration delay, front end just feels tighter, All things I expected.   As always, an excellent product from CP-e. One of the few Fusion Sport/MKZ parts that fits the Edge Sport.
    • UP FMIC and Ramfab Cold side charge pipe install.   Not a lot of info on here anymore about this. Apparently all the old pics got taken down or something. So I just had to kind of wing it without knowing the interferences and what not.   Ramfab pipe is in Brembo Burnt Orange, and is pretty close to Electric spice metallic!! He did an awesome job for me, and it's a big upgrade over the stock pipe.   Had to modify the lower rad support/cross member, probably should have cut into it and ditched that whole lip, but I got it all to work by removing the plastic overmold on the cross member. Just pried it all off and painted over it.   Pull the headlights to get to the fender bolts that keep the front fascia to the fenders.   Screw the AGS.   The air dam/under cowl lil guy up front, had to cut the big nubbins off it, and then came back and cut the little nubbins on the inside left and right of the FMIC. I'll get some pics when I drop the front end again.   I used my rad hose tools to break the seals on the OEM charge piping, easy peasy.   My lower grill covers a good chunk of the FMIC, so I bought the wrong ebay one, then I bought the right ebay one, lmao. So I have to throw that on at some point. It's going to be a PITA, those factory clips are tough to work with. May have to use the heat gun some to coerce them.   Installing the coldside pipe took some careful maneuvering, and took a bit to get all lined up and mostly in the couplings, had to get the lower rad support back in and all buttoned up before I could tighten the clamps.   Missing pics of the 1000cc AEM meth nozzle and check valve installed, hid the pump in the bumper crossmember by the windshield washer tank. Tapping that to feed the system. I have yet to wire it all up. Have some cool electrical stuff to incorporate into this system too. Which will be cool.   I still havn't pulled any datalogs yet. I should to try and see if theres a boost leak. Im peaking like 21.5 ish psi depending on conditions, so it can't be huge if it's there.   I am not tuned for the FMIC and Charge pipe. Waiting to finish up the Wmi before I get torrie involved more.      
    • First for FINFAN you will need to wait because mask is required anywhere a group of people are.  So in the hotel (which is really nice) in the restaurants, etc.  While driving the car you don't need a mask.  When outside getting direction on the road course no you don't need the mask on but I feel your pain.   Next you got the cool ford racing backpack as I said.  Inside were new ST emblems to replace your factory ones.   These are Black and only given to people that have done the course or you could find on ebay I am sure if someone didn't put theirs on like me, I like the factory red so the next guy to buy my car can have them.  Also you get a Battery bank to charge your phone that is about the size of a iphone XR and it says Ford Performance on it.  A pen, chapstick, and notebook.  Nothing really great but the battery charger and back pack is really nice.  You have one year from the time you purchase your car to cash in on this however with Covid they have extended that but not sure how much longer.  For the road course we got to make 10 laps because our group was small about 10 Edge and 15 Explorer vehicles so we had plenty of time to beat up their car and believe me we did.  I tried to bend the ear of one of the instructurers from Ford Performance about the issues with the trans and he gave me a crap eating smile and said " Yea we know" but that was about as far as I got.  He didn't design it or make it so nothing much he could do about it but I had to tell someone lol.  I will say now that I have the newest TSB from june 2020 it does shift allot better but still doesn't shift as good as the 2020 I drove down their so something has changed but who knows what.  You should do it mask or no mask I know the mask thing is a waste (didn't help the people from china that much did it) but hey no big deal I wear a Terminator mask so at least it looks cool.   I bought a Fiesta ST Feb of 2020 and going to do that at Charlotte motor speed way in a few weeks so that will be even more fun because that car is a blast to drive and it doesn't hurt that there is hundreds of mods for that car..LOL  Mine from a 30mph roll will run with my Edge no problem till about 90mph then the Edge ST would over take it.  On a mountain road with twisties  the Edge wouldn't have a chance of course my Edge ST is stock but the Fiesta has (intake, tune, big intercooler, 3 inch downpipe, 3 inch exhaust) so maybe not a fair comparison
    • Yep, spark plugs. Switched to NGK Ruthbenium plugs. Stock heat range. I gapped them to .026" iirc, whatever Torrie suggested me to.   Well, there wasnt a lot of great advice on doing the plugs on this. People were saying to pull the intake off the rear turbo to get access, and thats not in the cards for me just for plugs.   I figured there would be enough play to get it to flex out of my way. I very very carefully started to pull it over, lifting it over obstacles slightly. Yep, as I hoped, I got enough clearance to do the rear spark plugs.   My train of thought was that there was three outcomes to this move. First was I snap the hard piping and screw myself. Second was the pipe pops off the turbo. Third was that I get enough flex to do my job. Of course option three was the most desirable.   I tied the tube to the Coolant resi with some 550 cord, was able to do all the rears with it in this position.   Fronts of course are crazy simple to do.  
    • The Edge sat on the dealer lot for like a year. Rotor got pretty rusty, and I hoped just driving it would knock it all off.   Well, it had some issues, pedal vibration and what not. So I said screw it and picked up the Powerstop Z23 Street kit from rock auto. Not a whole lot of performance pad/rotor options for the edge.   Overall, after some fun bedding them in, they are a solid upgrade over OEM. Much better braking.   With the recent recall that just popped up for the front brake soft lines, I ordered some Goodrich SS brake lines, and Im going to swap all 4 of them, and switch to Wilwood EXP fluid. Should tighten up the brakes a wee bit.      

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