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    • I agree, seems if it doesn't show up on a computer their lost. I'll be going to friends who has a lift and check for myself. 
    • Response received from https://www.levittownfordparts.com    
    • Prolonged overfilling of the fuel tank combined with the failed purge valve causes the canister to fill up with fuel.
    • Edger's   I was able to order the correct hood insulator for the 2019 ST this week and attach it today!   For master mechanics, such as myself, it took 6 minutes.  The rest of you should be able to do it under 5 minutes...it's that easy!   The clips are already attached...just hold up to the hood, and  "push and play".   I have enclosed a picture of the actual part # on the bag.   The engine has always been quiet, this pad absorbs some of the road noise and sounds closer to a Lincoln inside than before.   Cost is about $115 plus tax from your local dealer.   I received a Mustang Club discount plus they knew I was going install it myself.   Thanks   CVCashmere
    • I'm gonna bump this 1 year old thread like my predecessor did with my experience.  I did a ton of research, and eventually found someone who towed their 4,500lb RV up and down some mountain roads, with logs of trans temps and etc(they installed an aftermarket trans temp gauge and transcooler), so that gave me some hope.       Towed a 98 Eclipse GSX, weighing roughly 3300lbs(plus an extra block, and some extra parts.  Probably 3500lbs rounded up) on a uhaul tow dolly(driveshaft on the eclipse disconnected, don't worry).  Trans temps never got above 200, car felt effortless in its towing ability.  You could tell it was there when accelerating from a dead stop, but honestly it wasn't like it was straining.  Highway speeds?  Totally forgot it was even there.  Visibility was great with the factory mirrors, braking was more than adequate, no issues at all.     Not suggesting anyone go and use their edge sport as their dedicated car hauler, but take my experience however you like.  Everything held up, amazing was close to an 800 mile journey round trip.  I did let the trans cool down in neutral at about 2000rpms when I stopped for fuel or snacks, but honestly..no issues.     Legal disclaimer: I highly discourage anyone from doing this, and if you so choose to mimic my actions, I take NO responsibility for the possible damage your vehicle may suffer.  DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! 
    • I had the same issue on my 2016 Sport.  It would only happen when stopping the first few times after filling up...it acted like it was going to stall at stops.  I only run 93 octane in mine also.  Tried replacing the purge valve but issue continued.  So I took it to the dealer where a friend was a mechanic and he suspected it was purge valve until i explained that i already installed a new one...then he replaced the canister and problem is gone.  Now I don't know if you top off to get to the even dollar amount at the pump...which I used to but don't anymore.  Reason being is that will cause gas to somehow overflow into the canister which will make it cause issues 
    • Old thread, but felt like updating this for anyone searching in the future curious for answers.  I have a 2015 Edge Sport, and I used the Uhaul trailer hitch, which is just a rebadged Curt C13234, with a few more gussets welded in for some added strength(uhaul rates theirs higher).  Install was a breeze.  I did it by myself, with no jacks, and did NOT have to remove the rear bumper, or the heat-shield above the rear muffler.  Just dropped the muffler, took off and cut the two plastic trim panels as shown in the install video for the Curt trailer hitch on youtube, fish the bolts through with the provided hardware, bolt it up, torque it to spec, reinstall plastic covers, done.  Wiring was as easy as using a straightened coat hanger, tying the harness around it, and fishing it up the bumper/through the tail-lights, etc.       I DID NOT lose my rear lift gate function at all with this trailer hitch.  It IS however, a little more specific of an area now.  I can provide a youtube recording later if interested, but basically just put the tip of my foot on top of the hitch where the chains hook into(it's a convenient little "step" for your foot), and pull it back...viola.  Lift gate opens!      So, cliff notes, didn't need to remove the rear bumper, super easy to install by myself, and my rear lift gate "foot swipe to open" still works, just a little smaller of an area.  NOT a hidden hitch or a tucked hitch at all.  I think it looks pretty good!   
    • I strongly suggest, many others on here will to, to go with zfg tuning instead. Maybe you will be ok with taking it to their dyno but their rep outside of a stock tune upgrade has not been great with these engines.
    • Yep edge is mounted like fwd and f150 is mounted like rwd so very little if anything is mounted the same.

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