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    Oil leak

    I believe I did accidently post in the wrong section. It should be in the 3.5L forum. Anyway, I called the dealership the first time to get a estimate on the repair. and the rep. told me that they would call me back with the approximate cost for the repair. I let about 4 hours go by and never got a call back. I called them back a second time and was sent to a Ford rep's voicemail. I left a detailed message explaining the issue. I even left plenty of contact info so they could give me a call back. I haven't received a single phone call from them. Apparently they don't won't the $. I would fix it myself, but I don't have the time or engine hoist/picker to do the job. Luckily my Cousin sounds Matco Tools to local mechanics and gave me a couple of references.
  2. beauporter

    Oil leak

    As far as I know it isn't. It's a 2007 Ford Edge with 70k miles on it.
  3. beauporter

    Oil leak

    I have a oil leak between the transaxle and the engine block on the driver's side of the vehicle(oil leaks where the engine and transaxle are bolted together). I'm guessing it's the main seal on the engine block. Does anyone know of any other seals between the transaxle and the engine block that could be an issue? Does anyone have any info on how difficult it would be to change the seal? Thanks
  4. beauporter

    Rear Main Seal/Rear Crankshaft seal

    Checked the top of the engine, and I see no sign of oil leaking. Looks to be coming from where the transmission mounts to the engine block. Is there anyone on this site that has had a rear crankshaft seal replaced on a 2007 Ford Edge? If so, how much did it cost? I know every automotive shop varies in costs. I'm just looking for a approximate dollar amount. Thanks for the help
  5. I have a 2007 Ford Edge SEL 3.5L V-6. Noticed something leaking where the transmission bolts to the engine block. I'm guessing it's the rear main seal/rear crankshaft seal. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem. Mileage on the Edge is 56,000. Mileage seems kind of low to already have a bad rear main seal. Just wanting to know if this is commom. I'll be checking other parts of the engine to make sure there isn't a leak at the top of the engine. Any feedback is much appreciated.