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    Reputable ignition coils?

    Toyz, I'm having the same issue in my '07 MKX. I had a slight mishap with my oil sender failing and losing 5qts of oil over the past 250 miles. I had that changed this morning and took the mechanic for a ride. thankfully I was able to get it to shake (also low RPMs, usually ~1500, and ~2200. He said it was a slight misfire, but I wasnt showing a CEL as well. He threw his scanner on and also did not find any DTC's. He suggested I buy two COP's and move them around to see which one is missing. That sounds like a waste of time and effort to me. Especially if it's on the back bank. I think I'm going to just buy new COPs and plugs. I have 132k on the clock, and I bought the car at 21k. So I know it's well past time. Did this fix your issue? The first mechanic I took it to printed a TSB on the camshaft phasers and quoted me just under $3,000 in repairs. I took it to the stealership and they promised to keep labor under $2,100 for me. Now that the short lived oil leak is resolved, I'm hoping it truly is just a low-grade miss.
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    How do I replace a radiator fan switch?

    I have attached all the info I could dig up on the cooling fan electrical system. It looks like it is controlled by a module located just behind the radiator on the driver's side. I have attached cropped screen shots from ALLDATA. I hope this helps, It's everything I could find. Also, are you running FWD or AWD? all this info is for FWD.
  3. CoastGuardian

    How do I replace a radiator fan switch?

    I have access to ALLDATA, a computer program that will tell me where the radiator fan switch is located. let me see if the computer I installed it on is still running. If it is, I'll post the diagrams and specs on what you need, where it is, etc... I had this problem on my first car, an '82 prelude. I replaced the relays twice (at $100 each) before I decided that I just wouldnt let the car idle. Running without a thermostat helped a lot in the summer, But it sucked in the winter.
  4. So I have read every post on every forum I can find on the mkx/edge side of things. I am looking to surprise my wife with remote start for her birthday early December. I am debating between the 100 and 200 series 'factory' remote kits. I plan on doing the installation myself. Since the MKX (07) comes stock with keyless entry, and security, is there an advantage of the higher priced 200 series remote start? I love that everything is built into the RKE already, and hate to step backwards in time and add a keyfob to my key chain. which leads me to my next and final option: Aftermarket here is a link to the system I am debating over the ford equipment. Python PS3000 The biggest advantage of the aftermarket is the lifetime warranty. Since it would be purchased from crutchfield, they would honor it. The next biggest advantage is the ability to start from my phone, vice adding a fob to my keychain. The only reason I think the 200 series kit might be a good investment is that it allows for more functionality, specifically rear defrost. Also, does anyone know if it could be programmed to say, run the seat heaters? Its getting close to go time, and I need to make a decision if I am going to make this happen before her birthday. Any help is greatly appreciated.